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Life lessons teaching you: A short post that’s worth your read. A good reminder.

Best blogs: Check these out. You might pick a thing or twenty things.

Oh Bother! If there’s a post you must read today, read this! Very smart, fun and sensible.

What Picasso, Bach, and Godin all have in common: Prolific, prolific, prolific. We all should read this, repeat and read it again! Great message!

Guava spiced cupcakes: Fancy trying something new? Let me use Diya’s words in a quote here. I will try this myself during Summer break-bliss and give my verdict 🙂

Taking a bite out of these is a treat for the senses. What hits you first is the scent. Think cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in a riotous dance that tantalizes your nostrils. Next you notice the pillowy soft crumb that virtually dissolves the moment it hits your tongue. The seductive draw of those spices is cut through with the slightest tang of lemon. Bliss!

‘Do you want more eyes on your words?’

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