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We can make still make it Happy…

A real belated Hello and Happy 2022. It’s the 6th of April, a quarter is gone and I am just getting round to wishing my dear friends the best of this year. Nothing stopped me from hopping onto my blog on the eve of the new year and simply throwing some words together whilst clicking a glass of bubbly (in this case it was water; my favourite drink of choice at present) and joining the bandwagon to exchange perfunctory greetings that lacked the necessary spice.

It isn’t that I wasn’t happy to see the new year or the months that have sped by; because I was most certainly tired of 2021. It had drained me to limits and left me feeling tattered. I thought 2020 was rough but had such a bumpy ride the last 365 days of 2021 that by the time we got to the 31st I was limping across the finish line. I didn’t feel like racing to say happy new year and to share platitudes and lukewarm resolutions that barely makes it to the 10th of January.

The idea was to be in a more reflective mode and to process my thoughts in more depth; if that makes any sense. The exigencies of life had taken over and cluttered my mind with so much debris over these past 2 yrs that they needed and still need to be decluttered, analyzed and classified. I feel a bit more centered as I keep on rediscovering myself and getting in touch with who I really am. Honestly speaking, one would have thought that by this beautiful age of mine that I would know all there is to know and understand about myself, yet, I keep making new discoveries that makes me realize that truly we never become finished products and are constantly under renovation, embellishment, maintenance et al πŸ˜‰

Is it possible to say that I am at peace, not sad yet not happy? Does that sound confusing. I am at peace because in trying to know myself better, I am getting more in tune with my spirituality, physical state and mental state of being. I have an optimistic view and hopeful expectations for the year unlike the previous where I was too stressed to see beyond my nose much less engage others.

Now I am dipping my toes back into these waters and I hope to get into full swing without much ado and with sufficient gusto. For real, I miss this place and will be visiting all my cool folks in this blogosphere. I know that I joined the new year party a little late in the day, but we can still make it happy nonetheless. What have I missed? I know that there’s a lot to catch up with and I am here for it. See you in your neck of bloggywood.


11 thoughts on “We can make still make it Happy…

  1. Long time Jacqueline,
    I came across your blog again when scrolling down the comments section of an old post by Dr Andrea Dinardo.
    Your post resonates with me entirely.
    I wish you a healthy, happy and fulfilling remainder of 2022.
    Take care .

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  2. Greetings Beloved Kin! Your face is always a bright spot when I got down the list of my subscriptions. I see you carrying out a very divine meaning and purpose. Also, remembering how very talented you are, who helped a lot of people like me take first steps to a dream. On Father’s Day, I give thanks to the HEART of Sky for the divine work being carried out for you in me. Our heart’s will know it is True. Let’s trade books one day in the future. I LOVE YOU. in lak’ech, Debra

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  3. Hello Jacqueline, it is so good to read from you again. I’ve been away for too long that I wonder if I’ll find my feet here one more time.
    It’s already mid way into the year, let’s hope we reconnect and make the best of it. I have missed reading your thoughts and those blog parties we used to have. All will be well, Nne. Love you. 😊❀️

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