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Key Notes…

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Getting back to blogging, I have found myself at a certain loss. It feels so familiar yet strange, because like everything that changes over time, a lot seems to have happened in blogosphere. I feel like a newbie, albeit with some jaded sense of know-how. I am tip-toeing around my blog trying to find my way once again, afraid to click on unknown features just in case I break something – not literally, but you get what I mean.

I recall that when I started blogging I could plug away for hours on end and derived such joy from putting my thoughts in writing. The joy has not gone though it has ebbed a bit. The hours to plug away on the keyboard has gone with the vagaries of life, since bills don’t pay themselves. Back then, I jumped in with such gusto and gumption and decision to make it work; to eke out a living doing something that I truly love. Things got in the way, life happened so much so that it made me question my trueness.

I have questioned my authenticity and second-guessed my passion for written and spoken word. I have found myself comparing and wondering if I am really true to my art. If I really want to be a writer as passionately as I had supposed? Because, as we are told, if you want something badly enough, you will do what needs to be done and you will find the time to make sure that it works out. It may sound romantic being a hungry, starving artist, but the rude awakening and harsh reality of life makes such aspirations a near impossible feat to achieve in this part of the world and in most parts I daresay.

NOT paying your bills can land you behind bars in my neck of the woods. As valuable as words may be, mine are yet to land me that goldmine and to present the peace of mind that money can buy or rather being able to sleep without your landlord hounding you for rent. I derail.

I have had to revamp my mind. To remember that often times the key notes of our life’s story might be out of tune for a bit, but once our fingers glide over the keys, like the gentle caress of a cherished old lover, we kindle with familiarity.

My thoughts are on how the blogging field has changed though my keyboard remains the same. How there are now many icons, bells and whistles here and there. I almost feel as if I should enroll in learning how things work here once again. Sadly, the course is paid for and I most certainly can’t afford such finesse. What do you think? Is going to WordPress University a worthwhile investment or do you think that I can find my way just by tinkering around?


7 thoughts on “Key Notes…

  1. Good to see you back. You were a hand I hung on to when I was a new blogger. I have been here regularly and have had to face some changes, but they are worth the change (I guess). No, I really liked the old editor better. But I deal with it. I haven’t had a tutorial because they just assume you will know what they are talking about. I still say, “So what is a plug-in or widget?” Don’t know yet. But comments are still good. 😀


  2. Welcome back Jacqueline… just go for it. I hear you and feel with you. You will get a hang of it within no time… for now just use the relevant tabs and buttons. Looking forward to read your inspiring works.


  3. Tinker away! You got this! And there are doubtless lots of youtube videos and wordpress help articles for those moments you might feel that you don’t.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t like all the wordpress changes, either.

    That being said, wishing you a blessed Christmas!


  4. Welcome back and I know the feeling. I stepped away for nearly a year and found it hard to get back into the groove of things because so much has changed. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in this New Year!!


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