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I saw it coming.

I grudgingly said hello.

I allowed it to simmer and linger.


That uninvited guest.

Comes to spend the night on your couch,

and ends up

staying for weeks on end

in your room and bathrobe.

I have my episodes, like I did this past week and a lot of times they are triggered by very innocuous, mundane things. such as a break in my rituals.

Sometimes, I can’t even put a finger on the precise point of trigger, or even encapsulate my emotions properly in words. What I do know, however, is that as hard as it may be to get out of that bed and bathrobe and face your day, for those of us who go through these down times, it’s very important to focus on daily pick-me-up rituals. They have a way of keeping you grounded.



6 thoughts on “Uninvited…

  1. Winston Churchill called depression the black dog; Eleanor Roosevelt called hers Griselda moments.

    I’ve dealt with depression for years. Now that I’m retired I don’t really have the rituals but I get up because my cat Sylvester wants to eat along with the stray cats who visit the backyard.
    Having pets and taking care of homeless cats gives me a purpose.
    I listen to Audio books and sleep a lot. First time in ten years that I can sleep without dreading having to go to the job
    If I can afford a canvas I paint. I suppose my military background gives my life structure even after 35 years being out of the U.s. Army. Uncle Sam has programmed me well. I still get up early even though I have nowhere to go.

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  2. Depression is a disease. It attacks when you least expect it. I’ve had depression most of my adult life. Been through countless therapies and hospitalizations. If it were so easy to throw it out or eliminate the depression then a cure would have been found years ago.
    Reading Psalm 42 as well as many Bible scriptures show that depression existed back then. I have to live with this disease. Some days I can get out of bed. Other days I’m a total failure and loser. Many days the depression wins despite doctors. This is who I am and this is the life that has chosen me.


  3. In the 20th century we saw the elimination of such diseases as TB, Polio and smallpox. Medical scientists found the cause and developed cures aka vaccines.

    However no doctor or scientist has found cures for anxiety, depression or panic attacks. They don’t know the cause. They cannot pinpoint a cause therefore only bandaid drugs that are supposed to address the symptoms have been developed.


  4. I’m a very upbeat person and rarely depressed, however, my mother had severe bouts with depression, which eventually was her demise. I feel that’s the reason for me not becoming depressed. I tell myself I don’t have time for it.


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