Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Dissecting Without Reservations…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Once I saw the prompt reservation I knew where I wanted to go with it. Of late, I realized that I have been my own stumbling block in many ways. I have been standing in my own way of pushing forward and 99.5% of this manifestations have been due to mental blocks or subconscious reservations that have taken deep root in my mind.

Now, with my merciless carving knife or should I say pen, I am practising mindfulness and paying special attention to the negative messages that come to my mind to counteract my positive affirmations. I seek to understand this negativity better, trace their origin, influence and self-healing. Dissecting oneself can be a painful, messy, unsavoury affair, but the journey to find one’s true self and to realign one’s path requires no reservations.

Messages that may have been founded on experience, background, upbringing etc, inadvertently play a huge role in our lives. They underlie our success and wellbeing and unless we dig to the roots of these negative messages without reservations, it is very difficult to change them.


– Written in response to Linda’s SoCS prompt ‘reservation.’


6 thoughts on “Dissecting Without Reservations…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Very inspiring post. It take some training, but we can teach our mind to act as a filter to keep out negative thoughts. Once we learn how to do that, our lives become richer and more rewarding.


  2. Good advice. I recently started positive affirmations every morning. I find myself smiling a lot more. Corny and maybe nor for everyone but it helps me.


  3. Mindfulness is a great tool for noticing the thoughts and messages. I usually examine them in my head, but reading about your process reminds me that writing down the thoughts can help in the dissection. I haven’t done this lately, but when I have it’s been an eye opener. Yes, to affirmations!


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