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Little Rant…

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I don’t know if it irritates me or amuses me. Still trying to work out my sentiments. Sometimes, someone would leave a comment that sounds completely odd and far away from your post that you actually have to go back to your post to read it again to figure out exactly what it was that you wrote to prompt such an asinine comment.

Then, it dawns on you that they didn’t read it, but they summarized what they felt you said and made their two-bit comment that makes you wonder, why people do that. Yeesh! I also think that there’s an automatic ‘like’ button that some bloggers have learnt how to manipulate ‘cos I can’t relate with how fast a post gets liked considering that you just clicked the publish button.


22 thoughts on “Little Rant…

  1. As the Jim Morrison of the Doors record said, People are Strange when you’re a stranger.
    Some totally lack reading comprehension skills then get angry when you call them on it.
    Others are just participants in the Liking Olympics!

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      1. Same here. They are annoying. I try to ignore them. If necessary I block them. In reality the online community is at times composed of idiots, fools and morons. Dealing with nutcases can be frustrating and exasperating. I just do my best to remove the offenders.

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  2. [ Smiles ] Hmm. It looks as though nothing has changed much on WordPress.

    People are in the habit of pressing the “Like” button without reading blog posts and leaving odd comments.

    I am of the opinion, that it makes no sense whatsoever to comment without reading reading a person’s article.


    Because, what in God’s name your comment is going to be about?

    Anyway, I have just created a blog on WordPress and I will be waiting to see if I will experience this sort of nonsense.

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  3. Your posts are easy to follow, but then people have made their minds up to be objectionable regardless. I found it interesting to note sometime ago the average reading age of an adult in the UK is that of a 9 year old and when you understand this it explains a lot of misunderstandings. I supposed it is possible it is the same for all English speaking countries.

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  4. Dude, you got me 🙂
    I haven’t read the other comments but today I figured out that if I went and checked out other blogs –which sounds easier than it is because some are absolute shi-t- and left some genuine comments, people reading my comment (wait, shit, am I the only person that tends to read comments of something I didn’t write?) my resonate with it and want to check out my blog.
    And to be honest I hope to have your problem one day 🙂
    In case you are a very troubled person, I am referring the problem you mentioned in your post.
    That was supposed to be a joke but re-reading that I don’t think it could sound more condescending.
    Oh well.

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