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3 Things You Should Say No To While Writing

Struggling with your challenging essays and dream to become a successful student? Academic writing is not easy but the truth is that your success in college mostly depends on how well you can write academically. Unfortunately, we are not born good writers. If you want to improve your writing skills, you must work hard and be ready to make sacrifices. There are things you need to give up to succeed in your class.

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Learn to Prioritize

College is really fantastic and the most memorable time for everyone but it’s a great challenge as well. How can find enough time for studies and having fun with your friends? It’s really hard to get down to work and write your essay when there are always a lot of people around you and every day could be an exciting party if only you wanted to. Socializing is great but you should remember that you are in college to study and gain new experiences necessary for your future career. You should learn to say no to going parties and hanging out with your friends when you have homework to do.

Devote Your Time to Writing

No one can expect you to become a confident writer in a few days. You should plan your time ahead and work every day. If you work consistently, your skills will improve and you will write better. Besides, academic essays are complicated projects and require a lot of planning, doing research, outlining, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading. So, you should say no to laziness and procrastination when you have several papers to complete.

Many students cannot resist the temptation to procrastinate and waste a lot of time instead of working hard on their assignments. Sometimes, they remember about their essays on the nights they are due. Luckily, they can always get fast and cheap help online.

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Give Up Unhealthy Choices

We all know that junk food can be tasty. It can be enjoyable to play video games the whole night instead of going to bed early. It’s hard to exercise regularly instead of watching an exciting TV series. But when you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you may end up being burned out and it’s impossible to study hard if you don’t feel well.

So if you want to achieve more in your studies, you should consistently make healthy choices. Join the gym, eat right, go for walks, and get enough sleep every night. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will help you stay more productive and achieve success.

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7 thoughts on “3 Things You Should Say No To While Writing

  1. I’m not a fan of getting someone else to write my work for me and then submit it as my own 😦 I know it’s done. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

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    1. I totally get you Raili. Each of us has a writing style and our own special way with words and I don’t think that’s being old-fashioned in the least. I love to say what I want to say my own way. These days, lots of these writing services are sprouting up and though it seems a bit mechanical to me, I learnt that loads of writers use it -especially the younger generation.

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      1. It’s a shame – lost skills. I hope we are not losing a whole generation of unique talent.


  2. I’ve never had anyone write anything for me, except maybe when my husband wrote some things for my disability application.

    I was fortunate to have had an excellent English teacher in 9th grade. He taught us the fundamentals of how to begin and complete good term papers. But as you said, it definitely takes a lot of practice. When I changed schools in 10th grade I was inundated with various essays and papers to write. It was scary at first. I couldn’t procrastinate given the numbers.

    In college, one professor gave me a “B” on a particularly long paper I wrote. He said it was good, but “too wordy”. Wordy? I thought there were just the right amount of words. I’ve always been a very gabby woman and that showed in my writing. Over the years, I’ve had to cut down on unnecessary words, sentences, and even whole paragraphs. To this day what I write is often still wordy. I keep my “scissors” nearby.


  3. I like to do my own writing even if I have stumble, learn and relearn. I believe going through the tedious process makes me better and of course I would have gained new knowledge and skill. However I do recognize that we are gifted and wired differently and sometimes there is just so much on the plate. Great post Jackie.

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  4. Many ways to your writing up to par for the class. Sometimes let the Professor read a draft and they will edit it plus they may give a passing grade for the sole reason for seeking their help. Professor don’t have time the college may have tutors or a fellow student selling tutor services….


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