Poetry Cards

i doubt it…

you say that you love me,

i doubt it

‘cos your heart

is so barren

that nothing fruitful

but hate grows in there

Poetry card, poems, micro poetry

you say that you love me,

i wonder how

‘cos you treat yourself 

with such self-hatred;

and no one can find love

where hate inhabits

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9 thoughts on “i doubt it…

  1. Yes there is a very fine line between love abd hate.
    I am posting on 6 September Book Lovers Tag. I have three people to nominate for continuing the tag. Would you like to be included. I am including a big shout out for my author friends. Sally Cronin and Marjorie Mallon have already accepted. 🌼


      1. That is great. I will include instructions in the post. I wanted to give anyone with an indie book a shoutout and tagged you to help promote your new book. 🌼 I will link to a post for your book so you know when my post is published. 🌼


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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