Well of Warmth – grateful musings

I know that life hasn’t been all sunshine and flowers for everyone – though some lucky folks got to see the Eclipse – not with all the ugly news filtering in from all around the world and when one listens to all these heavy news, it’s easy to get sucked under.

It’s easy to get depressed and to lose sight of the rays of the sun above the dark clouds. It’s easy to forget to remain in a state of thankfulness and to focus on the negativity. As if life is not tough enough already these days we wake up expecting another shoe to fall off, another dam to burst, another bomb explosion, another mad human mowing others down with a car, another Twitter outrage etc that we have almost become mentally conditioned to bad news that overshadows everything.Gratitude, Thankfulness

For me not to get immured in these negative things, I make a conscious effort to appreciate my little blessings wherever I find them. I focus on mindfulness and steer my brain away from the path of distress that it tends to venture to, to the path of wholesomeness. I also find that paying extra attention in showing kindness to others creates an emotional well of warmth – check this post on HuffPost.

As the week winds down, I am grateful for fruitful and grace-filled days. Though what I call my blessings may look insignificant in human eyes’, it’s wonderful to be alive and well. That is a priceless blessing. I hope you’ve got something to be thankful for?

Gratitude is my tonic. Jacqueline

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3 thoughts on “Well of Warmth – grateful musings

  1. Depression is a Disease which is a cancer of the mind, thoughts and emotions. I’ve waged a Life Long battle and had more losses than wins. This past week has been a total loss.

    I remember years ago when I told a friend from church I was depressed she said it was because I wanted to be. That is until it had her by its steely grip and she went on suicide watch.

    Trust me you never want a disease that has a beginning but no end. One that doctors attempt to treat but the drugs they give you only make it worse. As for me if I make it through today or any day that is an accomplishment. I would not wish the hell I go thru nearly every day on anyone. You are sliding off a cliff. Drowning. All. The. Time.

    Depression is the reason my blog is on Hiatus. Trust me if I could control my thoughts and erase my mind I would.


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