Declutter Your Life – From Your House to Your Friends

Decluttering your life doesn’t just mean tidying up your home. It can also involve getting more organized, and perhaps removing things from your life that take up too much of your time. By decluttering your life, you can clear your mind and your diary, so you have more time and energy to enjoy things. There’s a lot you can do to achieve your goals, from clearing out some of your stuff to reassessing some of your friendships. You should look at all areas of your life critically to work out what needs to change. Perhaps you might even consider becoming a minimalist to make everything more simple.

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Get Rid of Clothes You Haven’t Worn In a Year

Decluttering the emotional side of your life can be tricky, so most people probably want to start with something straightforward. If you think you have too much stuff, clearing out your wardrobe is a great task, to begin with. It can be hard to let go of some of your clothes and accessories, but you can soon learn to be strict with yourself. Even if you find yourself struggling to let go of something beautiful, think about whether you’ve actually worn it recently. You might have bought it because you loved it, but if you never wear it, there’s no point keeping it just in case the perfect occasion to wear it suddenly arises.

Sell the Books You’ve Never Read or Won’t Read Again

Another simple thing to clear out is your collection of books. Many people have shelves full of books, and maybe a few piles and boxes on top of that too. If you love books, letting go of any of them can be difficult. However, it’s almost guaranteed that you have some books you’ve never read and aren’t likely to. There will also be some you read and didn’t like, and some you thought we passable but that you probably won’t read again. If you want to make some money from your books, you can hurry over to to find out how much you might get for them. Unless you have any valuable copies, selling all your books in one go is often the best way to do it.

Digitize Music and Movies

As technology has improved over the years, we’ve gone through lots of different formats for music and movies. From VHS and vinyl records to Netflix and Spotify, we just don’t consume entertainment in the way we used to. If you have a pile of DVDs or CDs that you no longer use, it could be time for them to go. If you want to keep all your music and movies, though, it’s easy enough to digitize them. Once you have them in a digital format, you can get rid of the physical copies by selling or donating them.

Remove Non-functional Items from Your Life

A good way to clear out your home is to think about whether the things you own have a function. If you want to go for a minimalist approach, everything you own should do something practical. Of course, you might not want to get rid of everything that doesn’t have a specific function. Some things are just sentimental items that you keep because they evoke fond memories. However, it’s a good measure to use if you want to remove non-sentimental items. In addition to thinking about an object’s function, you can consider whether you already have something that does the same thing.

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Stop Wasting Time on Pointless Chores

Decluttering your life should involve freeing up your time too. There are only so many hours in the day, and you don’t want to waste them doing pointless things. Think about some of the chores you do and whether you do them just because “it’s what you do” or if they serve a purpose. For example, making the bed might make your bed look nicer, but what practical purpose does it have, when you’re only going to mess it up again in the evening? Is there really any point in raking leaves from your lawn? Some chores are necessary, but others not so much.

Organize Your Workspace

Both at home and at work, your desk or any other space you work at can get particularly cluttered. You might think that you know where everything is, but a cluttered space can make your work disorganized. It’s hard to think when there’s too much stuff surrounding you, and you could waste precious time trying to find the things you need. If you declutter and get organized, you might be able to work much more efficiently. Start by clearing everything from the top of your desk and from any drawers too. Sort through it all and find a place for everything, throwing out anything you no longer need. You might have some papers you can digitize, instead of keeping them hidden away somewhere.

Get Rid of “Friends” Who Are Too Negative

Another way to take control of your life is to reassess some of your relationships. It’s important to have friends and family around you, but not all relationships are worth saving. Sometimes, you don’t actually get anything positive out of being friends with someone. Even relationships with family members should end in some circumstances. If there’s anyone in your life that only ever seems to be a drain on you, perhaps it’s time to move on. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t help someone who is going through a tough time and might need you more than you need them for a while. But if you’re always the one giving or being put down, it could be a waste of your energy. Think of what you get out of each of your friendships.

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Learn to Say “No”

Managing your time can be difficult, and it’s often harder if you commit yourself to too many things. People who do this can have trouble saying no, so they end up spending their time doing things they don’t really want to do. If this sounds like you, it’s time to learn how to turn people down firmly but politely. It’s important to remember that you’re not obligated to help people, even if sometimes it feels like you are. And you don’t even have to agree to go out with a friend or visit a family member if you don’t want to. Don’t worry too much about being rude. It’s easy to politely turn down a request with “Sorry, I’m busy,” or “Maybe next time,” or perhaps even “I’m not interested, thanks.”

Give Your Life More Structure

If there seems to be too much going on in your life or you always feel disorganized, a bit more structure could help you. Developing a routine can be a good idea to help you be more productive while reducing the amount of chaos it feels like you have in your life. If you want to get on top of everything, making a list of all your commitments and obligations can help you get started. You can then plan out your time, and perhaps think about whether you might be able to drop some of your commitments. Create a weekly calendar or diary to follow and display it somewhere you can easily see it.

Create New Organizational Habits

If you want to make your life less cluttered, just having one big organizing session isn’t going to fix everything. You need to get into better habits if you want everything to stay organized. For example, once you have organized your desk, you should set some rules for what you’re going to do with any important papers from now on. If you’re going to go through your mail, make sure you have enough time to do it and then you know what you’re going to do with different types of letter.

Change Your Approach to Material Items

Once you’ve cleared your home, so there’s less clutter, you need to avoid cluttering it up again. One of the best things you can do is change how you think about material items and each purchase that you make. Before you buy anything, you should ask yourself if you really need it. Much of the time, the answer is that it’s not a necessary purchase, and you might not even end up using it. Rein in your impulse buys and put a bit more consideration into all your purchases.

Keep Up Your Good Habits

Now that you have reassessed your life and home and formed good habits, make sure you don’t fall back to your old tricks. Keep up your new routines and follow the habits you’ve created to keep your life on track. Every now and then, perform another reassessment of what you have in your home, your commitments, and your relationships. Even if you have been paying close attention, you could still find you need to declutter your life again.

Decluttering your life is about more than tidying up. Get organized and stop wasting your time on things that aren’t worth it.


28 thoughts on “Declutter Your Life – From Your House to Your Friends

  1. This is great advice, Jacqueline. Ridding your life of clutter is essential. Clothes, books, and people clutter should be revisited regularly. As for making up my bed…I stopped doing that when I got married. It just did not make sense.

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    1. You know about the making bed part, ever since I got married, I make the bed many times in a day that honestly, I got tired, because my husband simply enjoys the made bed and that’s it. Once, I do it when I rise in the morning, that’s it for the day. If he messes it up, we get to lie on it πŸ˜‰


  2. OMG, if I ever dare to clear out the bookshelves again, I will have a riot on my hands. I did it once. We had run out of shelf space. He wanted to fill all the walls with shelving. I put my foot down. Himself almost had a breakdown. “It’ sacrilege!” he said. “Books are precious. They’re a dying breed. They need to be loved and nurtured and protected….” I had 3 piles: keep, ? , chuck out. He eventually worked through them all. He was in mourning. In his defence, he does re-read many of them. Some till they fall apart…

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    1. TRH is a bit like my husband who likes keeping everything and it just drives me crazy. I am a minimalist but married a Magpie who collects everything but the shiny and dull. We are learning to create a balance and sometimes I just spring clean and give away stuff quietly. There are some books that I keep and doubt if I’ll ever throw them out.

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      1. I love reading and have books I will never part with either. But TRH is of the opinion that it is a sacrilege to part with any of them. Little does he know just how many I have sneaked out of the house …


  3. This is just so well said Jackie. I can envision many people printing this essay of yours out and posting it on their refrigerator as a reference. I firmly believe that in order for something new to show up, there must be space. Your de-cluttering plan really opens up many levels of fresh space and the new opportunities that can now show up. Thank you.

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  4. Yes! Quite True!
    We do have accumulated a great number of useless possessions that we haven’t use or have the sentimental attachment. For example, we stack clothes up even they are old fashion and do not fit. We feel a sense of safety when we keep them near to us, however, if people cannot recognize the drawbacks of stocking too many items and continue buying lots of stuff, they will develop to hoarding disorder which would cause both mental and physical problems.
    As you said, digitizing music and movie is a useful solution to let our lives more organized. I think we can also digitize our photos and photos of sentimental items in order to save more space.


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