Taking Notes…An emotional attachment

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Pretty notepads are one of my favourite things. I indulge in going to a book or stationery store often and the way that I look at the journals for sale – each time with shiny eyes like a child let loose in a candy store – I visualise my words coming alive and filling up the notes.

I always carry a notepad and pen in my bag, maybe that’s why I like sizeable shoulder bags – hubby always teases me about lugging a bag full of wonders all over the place.

Ever since I became aware of my writing passion, I’m known to squeeze in a little notepad inside a dainty purse so that I can quickly scribble my observations at a dinner party, outing or wherever. It makes me feel like a professional sleuth. I know all about using gadgets and computers, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me as writing into my journals.

In so many years, I haven’t chucked out any of my notepads, except some weeks ago when I went to the mall with the children. After galloping through the shops, we sat down to eat and I left my notepad on the table to briefly use the ladies.

By the time I returned, horror of horrors, my notepad had gone missing! Unfortunately, the kids had excused themselves to use the washroom as well and it was left on the table for a whole five minutes.

I felt robbed and I literally interviewed everyone within the vicinity, but no one had seen my beautiful butterfly pink pad. For several days I was simply upset thinking of all the spur of the moment ideas that I had scribbled down and some unknown person was privy to my naked thoughts. Lesson learnt. Where ever I go, never leave notepad lying around again.

If and when we leave the UAE, I am going to find a way to smuggle my journals along with me – though I know my husband will query my sanity for paying excess luggage to carry dog-eared notepads along 😉

Sadly, I failed to keep those that I had during my much younger days because I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life and carrying them didn’t occur to me back then. I bet the notes written in them would have made an interesting read for me.

Do you have a journal passion? Earlier in the week, I read a post where a blogger shared her fear of someone stealing her notes and I could totally relate to that. I’d rather give away the clothes off my back than my journals.


15 thoughts on “Taking Notes…An emotional attachment

  1. Yes! Lots of journals and at least one diary from when I was 17 years old!! The 41 year old Diary!! LOL!! ❤ 🙂 😀 I have larger ones for home and small pocket sized ones that fit inside the jacket pocket of my security uniform. Working at the museum has given me a wide range of journal options as employees get a discount and believe me when I say the museum especially the Main Bldg has a large selection of journals. All types, colors and sizes. Really cool. I'm trying to keep all of mine. Many old ones are stashed away in my dresser or other furniture. Lucky for me I did not lose any during the few times I've moved. I treasure the old ones and keep both small and large journals by my bedside in case the Muses provide literary inspiration!

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      1. I must admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder. When I moved back in 2012 I was forced to throw out lots of stuff and put what did not fit in my smaller space into storage. The last time I read that diary I said to myself, “Who is this person? Do I know her?” It’s amazing how we change from young adulthood to middle-age.


  2. Hi Jackie,
    Interesting read and thanks for posting. I wish you would find the lost journal for I can feel your agony and your fear that perhaps your naked thoughts are out there for all to see.
    I used to journal all the time when I was in college- like 1989ish. I have that journal still but it makes for sad reading. I didn’t have a good time in college and my inner thoughts are all there, in the eyes of a 20 year old. The world was supposed to be rosy but it turned out to be blue and black instead. Each day left one black and blue when one came back to bed and all those emotions were written in my journals of those college years. I stopped journaling for a long time now.
    For one, I don’t think it is worth it. Life and the people we meet along the way especially the ones that hurt us don’t deserve a mention is what I felt- so I stopped this practice. Now my blog does work towards journaling.
    But I am a sucker for beautiful journals and notebooks- I write down good thoughts and devotions therein. Also write down notes for the various online courses I take, when I do.
    Congratulations on your new book release and God bless,

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    1. Thank you, dear Susie, for your warm thoughts. See how far you’ve come from the twenty-something college kid that you were. You were still struggling to find yourself and your place in the world. Most often, the world is not the rosy place we expect it to be and sometimes we are even exposed to its cruelty. I am glad you took the lessons learnt and moved on with your life. Like you say, I prefer to focus on good thoughts these days.

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  3. That’s so tragic! I’m sorry for you and your missing journal. I lost one recently. It wasn’t my favorite notebook, but I keep remembering each page I had already used.

    I have so many unused and lightly used ones at home to use instead, and so many filled and stacked on my shelf. Sometimes I think they’re almost too beautiful to use, but what’s more beautiful than a well-worn, treasured journal?


    1. I share your sentiments about feeling that feeling that some journals are too beautiful, then again I find them far more beautiful when the pages are filled with one’s innermost thoughts. Thank you for your graceful comments. My regards

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  4. Over the last year I whittled my years of journals down to only one bin. Packing it so tightly one will have to pound it upside-down to get anything out of it! Tearing some actually hurt, as if I was shredding a finger or toe. I feel your loss, Jacqueline ❤

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      1. “Tearing”. Describes it perfectly. People amaze me. I try to remember we are incredibly complicated and that what doesn’t make sense in the moment may one day. It’s very good to see you, Sis ❤

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