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Posts That Caught My Interest #4

Now and again, I stumble on posts that resonate with me. I find myself nodding along in agreement as I read them and wish to share with others.Image result for images of sharing

This episode of posts that caught my interest, I am offering these few. I found sense, laughter, reflection, inspiration, admiration, and love. Do take a peek.

I am disabling the comment button to encourage you to visit the blog sites.

Each day a gift

He captures my thoughts in this brief poem. We need to remind ourselves of this, especially on the hard days.


Brief and full of wisdom.

Friday super short story

Less than a minute read with nuggets of wisdom.

Feeling empty inside 

Insightful article

 “I have a simple philosophy — Fill what’s empty.  Empty what’s full.  Scratch where it itches.” Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Ten reasons to be happy

Her list made me smile 🙂

Enjoy a good weekend and thank you for stopping by.