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If all parents claim to be great and the best parents, just where do their children learn all the ugly attitudes?

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This recent video below left this thought on my mind. As a parent, I know that children may still end up doing what they want and exhibiting certain individual traits that would probably drive their parents crazy, I however strongly believe that nurture greatly shapes a child.

This lady is shaping her son to grow up as a racist. Apparently, his health is the least of her priorities since she chose racism over that.


21 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. There are so many people being posted in videos online doing this. I wonder if they have any sense of how ugly and full of hate it makes them appear? Possibly they may not like the negative attention, but I doubt they have sense of wrong doing. They have deficient conscience and intelligence.

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  2. I said omg at the beginning of the video. At the end of the video i feel disturbed, i feel what has the world come to.. seriously.. human beings are human beings..a doctor is a trained person regardless of colour. Oh this world and its people… ohhhh
    ..tooo sad

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  3. As a Canadian Immigrant, I find this video to be very distressing, depressing & disturbing and in NO WAY reflects the opinions or beliefs of myself, or my fellow Canadian Sisters & Brothers. Her apparent anger (I estimate) comes from learned behaviour in her world, resulting in (her) fear of the unknown. Fear masking as anger. I ask myself,what has happened in this persons life to make them so hateful to people they don’t know?!! It’s time for change!


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