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Hurting – Fiction in Five Sentences

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Tears ran down the bridge of Jane’s little nose and fell on Captain.

Huddled near her best friend she tried to drown out their screaming voices.

She never liked it when they fought and they seemed to do it more and more.

Dad would storm out and disappear for days and mum would go round the bend all teary and mad.

She wished she was back at her gran’s house.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


14 thoughts on “Hurting – Fiction in Five Sentences

  1. Jacqueline this made me smile. Grans house are always a secured place. Your post glorifies that place. Simple but yet great. Fiction in Five Sentences 👍👌🙏
    Jacqueline actually my routine had been shattered. I have not been active on WP. Last month I posted only one post. Hope to make things better. I have been losing to read many a posts.💟


  2. Reblogged this on femininematerz and commented:
    When daddy and mummy fights guess who is hurt the most? This fiction in five sentences by Jacqueline says it all. Create a peaceful, loving and safe environment for yourself and children. It is a choice worth making.


  3. This rang true for me. During my years of teaching, I have seen so many children who are in this position. It is heartbreaking! I think many parents don’t realize the effect of their arguments and the stress it can cause to their children…you set such a strong and vivid scene in just a few words. Fantastic Jacqueline! I hope you are well.
    – Carly x


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