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To polish with love….

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My fingernails have been au naturel for many years now for expediency sake.

I love nail polish but with hands in and out of water cooking for my family daily, the polish chips pretty quickly and I’d rather wear my nails bare than bearing tacky looking fingertips.

However, my toenails are always glammed up in a cheerful, bright colour just like this new bottle dear hubby bought for me. Little treats make this girl happyΒ πŸ˜—


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15 thoughts on “To polish with love….

  1. I went for a professional pedicure last week for the first time and have to say it was quite nice!! πŸ™‚ I am like you, tend to be au natural, but yes there are times when it is fun to perk things up!

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  2. I wore acrylic nails for years and grew tired of keeping up with having them done. I am now au natural, as well. I use Nailtiques to keep my nails from becoming brittle and it works well. Every now and then I use polish and I love blue polish.

    Your husband deserves a hug for giving you such a thoughtful gift.

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  3. Turns I am not alone in the natural nail thingπŸ˜€. I love to paint my toe nails but can’t bear to see my paint chipped away because my hands have to be in and out of water.

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