Rononvan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

Painted Mask…

When I saw Ronovan’s prompt for this week’s haiku ‘painted & lady’ I chuckled, wondering what prompted his train of thought.

These days, I marvel at how much time some ladies spend painting and brushing and painting some more. It just seems too exhausting taking all that time applying layers and layers of makeup that one would wash off at the end of the day. Just a little dab should suffice.

The lady wears heavy makeup

I wonder if she recognizes herself anymore

beneath her bright painted mask.



The Daily Post

To polish with love….

Nail Polish, grooming, gifts, little treats

My fingernails have been au naturel for many years now for expediency sake.

I love nail polish but with hands in and out of water cooking for my family daily, the polish chips pretty quickly and I’d rather wear my nails bare than bearing tacky looking fingertips.

However, my toenails are always glammed up in a cheerful, bright colour just like this new bottle dear hubby bought for me. Little treats make this girl happy 😗


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