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Just Who Are We Fooling? Just a thought.

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We write we talk, we meet and we tweet
we call each other ugly names in moments of madness
we select a handful to make scapegoats out of the terrorist gangs
and impose bans and policies that are simply laughable

BECAUSE after all is said and tweets of hashtags and empty moments of silence

We go ahead and sign billions of dollars for arms and ammunitions – with those who breed terrorists with great delight – only to propagate more wars.

Just who are we fooling?

OUR leaders are responsible for these reproachable acts of terrorism. They are all owned by these billion dollars manufacturing plants for armament.

They vicariously feed terrorism through their greed to line their own pockets with filthy riches and at the expense of innocent citizens.

These terrorists get their arms for their dastardly acts from somewhere, it’s a vicious ugly cycle.

I am tired of having my thoughts bombarded each week by one form of terrorist attack or the other.

Until we start holding our leaders truly accountable and stop worshipping parties and their money, we will never get it right. Peace is not the absence of war, but the good sense not to propagate it.

Who is your leader in bed with?

Today, my thoughts are with London. Peace.


13 thoughts on “Just Who Are We Fooling? Just a thought.

  1. Agent Orange aka #45 is in bed with every evil on the planet. Many of these terrorist groups get their funding and weapons from the so-called conservative rich and wealthy. The right-wing also supports domestic terrorism which is why there are so many racially motivated murders in the USA.

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  2. As someone once explained to me, If it’s not happening directly to their family or their racial/ethnic group, they don’t care. As long as people can continue on their merry way they will. Truthfully if you are in the dominate majority group why would you change a system that benefits you? That’s just the way people are.

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  3. I agree with you 100% however looking at the examples of what happened to the Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans was and continues to be the norm. Sadly those in power are motivated by greed even if that means murdering or disenfranchising another race of people. The “Other” has always existed in America. Guarantees that somebody will always be on the bottom rungs of society. Just by the fact that Dhrump got elected shows that not much has changed and the USA is more polarized than ever before. Horrible that a man who is evil in human form is President. God will just this nation and her so-called leaders severely. They will pay for their wickedness.

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  4. I know God hears our prayers, and I trust that he is working it out. Eloquent and timely post…my thoughts and prayers are with London and all of us who are caught in the middle of our leaders’ squabbles and baubles.

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  5. There seems to be something in human nature that causes us to act more like sheep than wolves. A million people will quietly starve in their villages because their country’s leaders have diverted the trucks bearing donated food and sold it to profit themselves. A handful of Conquistadores disembarked in Central America and although faced with an army of natives numbering in the tens of thousands, managed to enslave the entire population. There is nothing new going on in America except that the ruling establishment has seen one of their own turn on them and he must be destroyed. Newsflash, you cannot hate your way into a loving place.

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  6. Well said, Jacqueline. What’s wrong with this fractured mindset that an evil few can control the masses? I agree with you about the terrorists bombarding our thoughts with their heinous acts. Our leaders are accountable for the safety of the citizens no matter what country we live in.

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  7. I agree with many commenters on this post, it’s beyond sad and shameful what we have allowed to happen. My heart goes out to all who are affected by such wickedness and evil.

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