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Today’s featured blogs are:

Forgetting God

Are we on a slow slide towards destruction? Who would we blame for our poor choices? An enlightening read to start one’s day.

Problem with the Millenials

Excerpts of this insightful article struck me in the head and I have to question myself. Am I part of the problem?

We cannot expect children or young adults to behave in a way that we have not trained them to behave. If we have done everything for them and constantly protected them as they have moved through the world, of course they are going to wind up back in our homes where they feel protected, comfortable, and … well, at home.

Which way in the rain? 

When it rains, do you huddle somewhere and wait it out, or do you enjoy a little sprinkle – if you are not a bag of salt – and exploring?

Feeling tired, check your blood sugar

I think Anna wrote this article for me. This is how I’ve been feeling lately.

Us the talking machines

I read this post and here’s my thought: ‘Good gracious! If we continue at this rate, we’ll suck the joy and juice out of living!’ 

In this busy world of twenty-first century, we the human beings have transformed into mechanical beings. No one has any time to spare. Recently, I came across an article about helpline services which provides memorial services if approached. They help performing functions like cremation and the likes. They even have the service of sending people to cry and mourn on the particular occasion. Such modernized our world has become that people are hiring actors to cry for their relatives’ death. People have become superficial.

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