Short Stories


She hissed in annoyance and sighed in resignation. Not knowing if her irritation was due to her changed plans, the unpredictable weather, the weather channel or the summation of all three.

They just never seemed to get it right these days. Especially the new weather girl with the dry sense of humour, pout and too much makeup. She had said they would have a fair Spring day, yet here came sleet with ice nestling on the leaves.

With another sigh at her changed plans, Geeta put the kettle on for a spot of tea. She should have listened to her bones. Her tired bones could tell the neurotic weather better than all those fancy TV personalities, except maybe Harrison’s creaky bones.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you loniangraphics for our photo prompt and Priceless Joy for this enchanting platform.


27 thoughts on “Unpredictable

  1. I believe this old lady can tell the weather better. I know that arthritis and other pains are often worse during certain types of weather. Although this lady is pretty grumpy and seems to really resent this beautiful weather lady, maybe her youth or attractiveness, that she (in her opinion) wears too much makeup. It’s like the works of technology and new world meeting the old world of superstitions and old wives tales, even though some of them work.

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      1. It’s hard for older people I know but I also know those willing to transition even a little bit seem to do better. A more contemporary example, my godparents are in their late seventies and early eighties. They both have cell phones (bigger ones so they can see the #’s and just simple phones no special features). Texting is something they usually avoid but their phones are wonderful for them to keep in touch with their friends and send pictures of grandkids, little vacations, etc. Also, my Godfather is pretty decent at emailing and using Microsoft Word to write with. He also searches for pictures etc for his stories. And I think most important of all they both FaceTime or Skype with their grandchildren and sometimes children. The face to face interaction appeals to them even greater than phone calls that they grew up with. They are one example but I think for someone who is older as you know with some bloggers such as Oneta, it keeps them occupied and not feeling isolated socially and gives purpose and again seeing the grandchildren is a great thing. Just my thoughts 🙂


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