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Today, we live in a culture where we horde Instagram followers, Twitter followers, YouTube Followers, Facebook likers, etc. It does seem as if the perception of our real lives being anything less than perfect has become a daunting notion for most.

The glossy instagrammizing and Facebookification of our lives can create a dangerous facade of success that harms those who fall prey to such peripheral endorsements.

Someone I know well has been telling fibs on Facebook about their lives. Hmm! :/


19 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. What little I share of my life online is the untarnished truth. The unkempt house, the unemployed husband, the three dogs and one cat running amok… all of it put out there for the world to see. Hell, my grass comes up to my chest in some parts of my yard. Not gonna hide it — not that I could. 🙂

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  2. It’s way too easy to hide behind a computer. Lying and bullying are signs of weakness. I am not a fan of FB but I notice online bullying on other social media sites. There was some bullying going on in my fav – beBee and the CEO closed their accounts. Thus, one of my reasons for liking beBee.

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    1. I agree with you completely. Its’ a sign of complex and weakness. I simply don’t understand how people feel comfortable telling lies to themselves and bullying others. It makes no sense.


  3. It is becoming unbecoming, when we have Facebook celebrities. These people post on their timeline almost every 3 hours and it makes me wonder. “Don’t they have something else to do?”

    Facebook has been made fake and it is sad.

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  4. What saddens me also is friends who seem to be able to hide behind the Facebook posts and are unable to carry on a conversation in public. While social media has it’s positive attributes, I am afraid it has only enhanced some people’s inability to communicate at all. As a former special education teacher, it seemed more and more difficult for children to look me in the eye when they spoke. This was something I required…..but it became so hard for them! Thanks for sharing Jacqueline!

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    1. Sometimes I feel moments of alarm at the effect of social media on people especially the younger one’s who are shaped by these things. It gives me cause to pause and wonder what communication would be like in decades to come.

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