Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Spell it Out! #SoCS

The ‘spell’ prompt that Linda gave us makes me think of a two-pronged approach. I automatically thought of my spelling which seems to get dodgier by the day and the need for people to communicate properly.

I am not a mind-reader,
I can’t tell what you think,
so, why don’t you spell it out?

Say what you mean,
mean what you say,
just simply spell it out.

I don’t like guessing games
I prefer to communicate in clear terms,
for heaven’s sake, please spell it out.

Spelling errors! Quel horreur! I used to be a buzzing bee in spelling and read dictionaries as one would read a book. These days – I don’t know if it’s accountable to ageing, to being too busy, or the fault of the auto-correct that simply jumps to offer a helping hand and provides us with the correct options – my spellings are no longer of the Spelling Bee Champion category.

I have found lots of misplaced e’s and undotted double i’s with crooked t’s and what have you turning up at odd places and some days when I re-read an old article and find myself totally embarrassed to find silly little spelling mistakes here.

Somewhere in my mind lies the correct spelling but my fingers jump ahead of themselves to type something else. Maybe, it’s time again to start taking the dictionary to bed and yes, I shall blame all the spelling faults on auto correct. I think it has cast a spell on people and we now depend far too much on it.

Like most things in our digital lives these days, everything is going autopilot, everything has an app, and the spelling of the younger generation sucks. They don’t even bother to spell fully anymore. Full sentences are broken down into abbreviated jargon and trying to read it simply gives me a headache that most times, I spell out what is written to make any sense of it.

Ā© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


8 thoughts on “Spell it Out! #SoCS

  1. I blame auto correct too ! I really, really hate those abbreviations šŸ˜¦ Same sort of thing hs happened with maths too, People use calculators instead. And as for reading maps! Basic skills are flying out the window – so sad, so bad.


  2. I agree. I still spell out words when I text or email someone. I don’t like to play guessing games with words. Guess it is my age. As for calculators and GPS I consider those lifesavers as I was never good at math or reading maps. As a person dealing with vision issues technology can be a Godsend. It means that you can keep up with the rest of the world.


  3. We’ve become the hurry up society, trying to take shortcuts wherever we can. I find myself using abbreviations and shortened sentences. It’s a bad habit to get into.


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