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Each day out of 365 days you are given an opportunity of a lifetime to live purposefully – Jacqueline

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  • We all are called for a purpose, we all are chosen, the important thing is; did you listen to hear your call; have you chosen to answer?
  • Make no mistake, your life is absolutely not a mistake. Your life has a Purpose.

Sometimes we flounder because we don’t know which path to follow in our lives or because the path we’ve chosen seems to be going nowhere, but the pure truth is that the answers to the path we seek are there inside us.

All we need to do, is to scratch beneath the surface, to listen to our heart with keen ears in order to hear with clarity. Sometimes, we have to cover our eye’s to see through the window of our soul.

Lady Cee shares a nugget that tugs on my mind ‘from slavery to celebrity.’ The message I received from this post is that God is not interested in your background, gender, wealth or whatever before he can use you as a vessel.

Please check this short post out, you might receive a nugget too.




5 thoughts on “Purposeful – My Thinking Corner

  1. Thank you Jacqueline for reminding us to set up our day purposefully so that it goes well and is productive. When things are going to plan, I like to write for 10-20mins in my writing journal followed by a devotional period and this sometimes includes making affirmations.

    Lately though this has gone to pot and I’ve had to make a choice between writing a blog post, or spending a brief period with God, or just get ready for work.

    I definitely feel better, more positive and productive when the first part of my day is ordered and given over to the Lord.


  2. Yes, I truly believe that every life has a purpose. Some have a harder time finding that purpose because they are so focused on living in the moment, on the surface things that they think are making them happy. I find many purposes in my life, and sometimes exhaust myself trying to fulfill them all, but at the end of the day, I go to bed knowing that I tried … that is all any of us can do. Thanks for your inspiring words, my friend.


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