The Dying Cries of Men…

History, Wars, Conflict, Cannons, Dying Men

My son, sit beside me and hear my tales

though my eyes are rheumy with age

it is said that age brings sage.

I hear the echoes of booming cannons

we fought these wars

we won by blood

yet victory rings hollow

‘cos I still hear with sorrow

the dying cries of men

who went before their tomorrow.




15 thoughts on “The Dying Cries of Men…

  1. Wows, you really caught the feeling, emotions, heartbreak and sorrow of soldiers fighting, dying in battle and seeing their comrades killed.
    I often think of my Great Great Grandfather William Henry Halstead who fought in the 29th Colored Regiment, CT.
    There have been times when I felt his spirit within me in the midst of battle. At that time I could hear the booming of cannons. I felt missiles and bullets flying inches from my head. I could hear the cries of the dying and smell burnt flesh. His fear as he charged into battle upholding the Union.
    150 years separate us but sometimes we are one.

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    1. During my visit to the museum I had goose bumps all over. It was so quiet that I could hear whispers of the wall. I left there in sober reflection and with seven pages of writing. We are never too far from each other. That’s what I feel in my spirit.

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  2. War is the same all over the world. I too had my ancestor flashback experience at the museum during a Civil War photography exhibit.
    Just looking at the photos of dead and maimed men brought genetic memories and my Great Great Grandfather chose me out of all his descendants because he knew that I would understand.


  3. Sorrowful but touching piece. I don’t know if the young can always understand the experience of the old, hearing the guns would be hard to understand for those who don’t experience.

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