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Managing Life… SoCS

Managing life,’ that’s the way people back home tend to answer you when you ask them how they are doing.

How I dislike that phrase!

Life is meant to be lived with all your senses wide awake to it and not to be managed. Life has manifolds that could take you on a surprising journey. It’s not something that you can command or manipulate.

In my opinion, managing life sounds as if you are simply gritting your teeth, hanging in there by your mandibles and just existing.

Almost as though life is such a painstaking experience that lacks all manners of joy in it and only meant to be endured. I honestly don’t know why this phrase manifests negative connotations of life in my mind.

I am thinking that maybe it’s because the word ‘manage’ is used in a myriad of things that present difficulty, such as: manage pain, manage weight, manage health, manage illness, manage work et cetera.

Life is certainly full of mangy issues, but you can definitely try to maneuver through the routes that the journey of life presents you with some joie de vivre in your survival kitty and instead of ‘managing life‘ I’d rather think that I’m a mastering living a conscious, mindful, and spirited life.


Man – SoCS


25 thoughts on “Managing Life… SoCS

  1. I like that concept – mastering life! I know what you mean Jacqueline. It’s similar to when people respond with ‘I’m surviving.’
    Thanks also for the new word “mandible”.

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  2. What a way to work that prompt! Sometime I manage life, sometimes life manages me, and sometimes the joie de vivre overflows and I dance! As long as I have some balance, I’m okay, but I do like to feed that treasure chest of joy so I’ll always be able to go there.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Bella. I actually chuckled at your comment ‘cos I am just drafting a post on writer’s block and how I cope. I haven’t experienced a block in ages’ The inspiration flows faster than I can even keep up. I’m also working on two books which should be out by May & June all things being equal. I believe it’s just Grace 🙂

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  3. I like how you emphasize man in those words and then I remember you are in the Middle East: a man’s world, so your perspective like mine when I was there was on “Man” also. Thanks for posting. I like how you manage to work with the man in this posting!

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  4. You are a very positive person Jacqui, and amke the most out of life and the experiences that it offers you.
    It does seem to be a abit of an odd epression, ‘manage life’ but I can understand where they are coming from sometimes!

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