The Waterside Bloom…

Walking by the waters calms me,

it humbles me to see the expanse of nature’s’  beauty that abounds before me and

to realise that, I’m one of nature’s beauty and bloom.



Flower bloom, waters


18 thoughts on “The Waterside Bloom…

  1. You are truly part of the beauty. Anyone who doesn’t see it is blind. Take the blinders of share your thoughts gorgeous on Eaten an Eskimo. This story is gaining momentum. I remember you shared a link once for one of my stories called Blue Jasmine… This one is gaining ground and its getting good reviews from Published authors. We need your thoughts Jackie. Please be a part of this

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  2. Reblogged this on mfdpensonpi.com and commented:
    Thank you Jacquline! I wake up every morning to the view of a wild but protected lake in my backyard. It is an ancient cypress knee swamp sprawling along what is now a golf course. The water sparkles in the morning light. An assortment of birds like herons, Pileated wood peckers and geese enjoy the refuge. This time of year the gators are deep in the mud, but we often see a few otters under our small dock. Budding trees and shrubs promise spring is near…
    The beauty of nature fills our lives with peace, joy and a sure sense of of well-being…
    Thanks for your great post!

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