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Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals – Keys to Success

We set goals and halfway down the line, we lose steam and focus. Here are simple ways that we can apply to stay focused and to achieve successful results.

4 thoughts on “Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals – Keys to Success

  1. I am listening to your message on YouTube. Points to ponder. Today Feb. 27th is my 58th Birthday. I am glad to have made it to this age. I’m happy and content. Over the years through having a stroke when I was 49, losing my apartment, death of loved ones and filing for bankruptcy I’ve learned to be content. Even with the physical limitations imposed by chronic illness and disability. For me personally my goal is to drop out of the rat race. I’m no longer looking for the corner office or the accumulation of material goods. I don’t like the hamster on a wheel syndrome. I do not envy younger people who compete for positions. I’m glad that part of my life is over. In 3 years I will be retired. I’ve learned to be satisfied. Of course things could be better but I do my best and let God do the rest. Makes for a more peaceful centered life.


  2. I have lately had success in better coping with a couple of challenges. Iremember seeing a behavioural specialist at a previous doctor who tried getting me see that there are little tricks to solving big problems. I am notoriously forgetful about taking prescribed medication. Ihave a bit of trouble taking pride in seemingly lesser pretige tasks/jobs….obviously damaging to me if i fail to execute them to a high standard! so, I took the same tools i have at work and got them for my home figuring if i can’t do for myself, why bother with others? I attached taking medication to that task needing attention in this case one task i perform is to clean a bathroom, I can not see to do things as needed – i am very short sighted. so i either do such as a habit or i forget it…and while i can’t overjoy in every task, I have a cfar cleaner home lately with a daily cleaned bathroom so i remember to take my pills..leaving me something i can offer others or enjoy myself! I approach the six weeks of this daily task set so it becomes a habit. it begins to solve taking pride enough to do things and well and make sure i have the best of my efforts.


  3. Hi Jacqueline,

    Loved the co-ordination of curtain, wall and scarf – very pleasing aesthetically. Good, useful tips. Thank you for sharing them.

    There’s a saying: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: a bit at a time! That’s my way of tackling an overwhelming task or longstanding project. Just keep chipping away at it. There are times when I’ll manage it day by day, but if I’ve been lax then I try not to let too long pass before I get back on it. Also, thinking about why I’m doing it in the first place can help to motivate me. And now that I’m near to the end and can almost taste the victory of completion, I think about how long and how much effort I have put into this thing, to give me that extra push to keep going.

    At one point I kept a log so I could see in black and white how much time I was spending on it. It can motivate you to keep going, is a record of your efforts, and provides an approx time estimation for similar projects in the future.


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