Overcome Your Writing Fears – Essential Writer’s Tips

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Writing Fears

What are your greatest writing fears?

Writing is not for the faint of heart and to build a successful career as a writer is not without its’ fair share of anxieties.

At various points in their pursuit, most writers have experienced writing fears, so this is not a challenge peculiar to you.

I remember when decided I to follow my passion and started writing actively, I had bubbles of anxiety in my stomach for days, I lost several nights of sleep wondering what made me think that I was good enough for anyone to want to spend their time reading my words.

Coupled with that, I enrolled for a creative writing course and as much as I tried not to take the instructors critic to heart, I never looked forward to hearing from her and was literally developing an ulcer from anguish. After much angst, I decided to put my anxiety to an end, to believe in myself and chose to face my fears.

Your fear might be one or even all the following: READ More…


4 thoughts on “Overcome Your Writing Fears – Essential Writer’s Tips

  1. Yes, critique can get frosty. But you develop thicker skin and let it roll off. I remember one writing group put a bandage on my manuscript. At that point I had to laugh it off or stop writing.

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  2. Your writing is excellent. Many of your story vignettes have me on the edge of my seat.
    Your writing genre gift appears to be in the area of suspense and mystery. The is always a delicious wicked twist to your tales. Keep going.


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