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Getting to Know My Friend Shiva

His wise words and cheerful demeanour drew me to want to know him better. Whenever Shiva visits, his presence is felt. In my months of blogging, he has been a supportive presence and I would like to extend my appreciation to the gentleman whom I silently title ‘Lord Shiva’ in my head 🙂


A Bit About Me

I am a third generation entrepreneur from India, born and brought up in a Joint Family but now I have my own nuclear family with two daughters, one is a Software Engineer and the second daughter is studying Medicine.

I am busy in the business of manufacturing of doors and shutters. I am a sportsman and a health-conscious person.

I have learnt and taught yoga and I practice it. I am also an actor and having acted in many dramas in our Amateur Dramatic Association in the local area. Though I like openness and being frank, I do not indulge in gossip and I am not fond of people who do so.

I like to study spirituality. History and space fascinate me. I am friendly and enjoy being with like-minded people. I do not make enemies. If anybody wants to become or attempts to be one I keep away from such a person.

I love my Family, my Workers, my Friends and who have come my way. It has been easy for me to fall in love with anything and anyone. I have my Pets who love me in return.

My Posts “Shower Happiness” and “I know you are the Soul, But..” are the ones that could give a better understanding of my background.

Of late, I have taken to writing and I am surprised to know that I can write poems too.

A Bit About My Blog

I had no intention of blogging or joining the blogging world. When I sent my writings to my friends and cousins who are all over the world, one of them suggested that I should start a blog of my own.

Until then, I knew nothing about blogging. However, out of curiosity I explored into that and found WordPress. Somehow I signed and the blog was opened for me.

While giving a name to my blog I thought what would be a proper name for that, I pondered on it and ultimately got the answer to have a name as “the shivas ponder” that sounded better as the articles I write are to be pondered.

Then came the ‘Tag’, since I thought the articles written by me are to be pondered by me first and then by others, my tag reads – “For Me You and Everyone”.

To know a bit more of my blog experience you could check “My 100.”

So it continued. I am a person who would be after something and would go further deep into it, to its core.

I started blogging and got to know its trends and etiquettes. I befriended many who have now become good friends and a part of my life.

I derive maximum satisfaction, happiness and inspiration being here and truly salute the blogging phenomenon and the technology behind it.  I am deeply indebted to it.

Well, who knew we would be getting friends from all over the World in such a short span of time. It is this Blog World that has brought the World closer and has made it easy to interact with people with their thoughts and feelings.

I have my Facebook page too, but I am never active on that. Personally, I do not like the things going on there. I feel it is a farce. I have seen people on FaceBook who could be your own friends or relatives; when they meet you they don’t even look at you, let alone talk to you.

This is just nonsense… a sheer waste of time… and an addiction… I feel it’s ridiculous.

No doubt people have derived some sort of satisfaction in that, as they find quotes and other good messages and try to meet old friends.

Staying Motivated

Oh! The Motivation part. I keep myself motivated in all wings of my life. I think I have become a more responsible person after starting my Blog since I have to set an example, I keep thinking of bettering my ideals. That motivates me further and guides my actions accordingly.

The blogging world provides lots of information, knowledge and true friends who are capable of doing so many things. They display their talents and creativity. Furthermore, you get inspired and would want to do and give more.

Bits of Challenges

I have had very good and few bad experiences here, which has ultimately taught me many things.

I feel challenged to give more to my writings and creativity and to further my understanding of what others do.  The English language has been a good medium for communication; so I should improve my usage of language and its vocabulary.

I also feel that I should always be a sort of inspiration to others and that I can do only do that if my language and the communicating skills are intact.

You’ve Got to keep Blogging!

I definitely encourage others to blog. We all get to know so many things here. Be it personal or of Life in general.

Many bloggers write about their personal accounts which help especially the younger ones’ on how to lead a wonderful Life. We get to see the real world on our screens. Many bloggers contribute and share such good posts that enhance the knowledge of the readers. Be it a Travel Post, a Cooking Recipe Post, a Quotable Quote Post, a Spiritual Post, a Lovers’ Feeling Post or a Post on Nature and so on.

My personal feeling is that we should not make the Blog World a Nonsense area. It should not be like a Face-Book joint.

Of course, I am happy having met some wonderful people here who are not only writers but are very creative in their work. Many are concerned about the well-being of others which they would like to see through their own work.

One should be aware that what they are doing on their pages reflect on those who read and come across them. Anything helpful to others in bringing them happiness and a sort of building a good relationship is most welcome.

Keeping personal matters to themselves, unless one wants to share them for good reasons.

In the days to come, we shall see a New World which shall be a Conglomeration of all peoples of all countries. We are the builders of that New World so to say “The Pioneers”. As such we are to be responsible people. We have to set an example for future generations to come.

Going Forward

Asides from my blog, I do not have any published material and don’t have any plans in the offing though I have plans to write a novel which is still in my head.

My Observations

I have seen some of the newer bloggers in order to get more traffic and follows on their blog, tend to act ridiculous. They just go on putting their likes without any comments. The likes may stretch to the extent of 10 to 30 numbers at a time in a few seconds.

How can that be a possibility? If you have to comment on the Blog Post it means that one has read the post, and they would not have read it. After which they are not traceable once they get a follower. Hahaha!!!

I always go to a Blog Post read it with patience; if the post is interesting I may read it more than once and put my Like; most of the times I comment on what I feel about the Post. Some of my comments are of few sentences pertaining to the post which could make the author glad.

While we blog and visit other blogs it is very important to see that your visit and presence has been felt and that you have added some value to the persons involved and also to others who shall visit those posts.

Blogging etiquettes are important and one should understand them through other experienced bloggers. One can take the Blogging classes rendered by WP. In any case, I feel one’s attitude is displayed through their actions. Sometimes I give a smile when I feel the pulse of the blogger.   I am very thankful to WP for having given this opportunity.

““Having a Blog is Constructing a Blog”

“A Blog is like constructing a beautiful building and creating an Amazing city”.

“Building a Blog takes time, so One has to be patient and put efforts to make it a Fascinating One”

I really appreciate the work you do, Jacqueline.

A little clip on SHIVARATRI – The day of Shiva’s night.


64 thoughts on “Getting to Know My Friend Shiva

  1. (For you Shiva… Not only did I enjoy this read I’m going to comment as well) — Nice friend to have indeed Jacq. Shiva reflects back as a good soul. Goodness is hard to come by these days so it’s always a blessing meeting and corresponding with nice people. I can appreciate him not liking Fakebook. I completely understand that. Thanks for sharing this with us 😉

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  2. Hello Shiva,
    A pleasure to meet you!
    I enjoyed reading about you and your views on blogging/social media etiquette. You are a blogger after my own heart! Like you, I share my likes and comments generously and sincerely. It’s not always reciprocated and that’s why I appreciate people like Jacqueline, who work so hard darting here and there around cyberspace making friends and building community.
    Thank you Jacqueline for introducing us to your friend Shiva. And thank you Shiva for the insight into your life and thoughts.

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    1. Hello Ladycee! its like hunting for treasures and when you get it you are so happy and overwhelmed, its like that having got you. I shall visit yours tomorrow as it is getting late here for me to sleep.
      Jacqueline is such a gem of a person, very rare to find.
      Fond Regards,

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  3. Great Shiva.. loved it…!! but one thing I’m still curious about is Where are you at present… you said mom’s a Marathi… and dad? I come from a cocktail family… national integration at its best… mom’s a Gujarati, dad’s an Assamese and I married a Punjabi 😃. I saw your furry buddies. They are handsome guys. My hugs to them. I have three of my own and they are all 8 yrs of age now. Other than these I have lots of strays- cats and dogs that I feed and look after. My furry buddies are my life Line… after we retire and go home I’ll start work with animal NGOs…


  4. Lovely interview, and so interesting to be connected by blogs across the world to India! Am glad ShIva likes my blog … my life in the UK Is so different yet we are connected by words and ideas!


  5. Jacque, it’s really a great job that you did, making us know more about shiv sir.
    Shiva sir, thumbs up on your views on social networking. There are people who enjoy social networking, it’s okay as long as their family or personal life is not compromised. Even dont you think that this blog world,itself is a time killer, if we are not cautious…the limits need to be set by each person depending on their priorities and comfort

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    1. Thank you for visiting Akhila. I enjoyed getting to know more about Sir Shiva. I totally agree with your views, social networking does have it’s upsides so long as the boundaries are not crossed by and doesn’t bode danger for anyone. Like you said everything we do should be in moderation.

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    2. Akhila! This is beautiful and frank. Yes, I very much agree to what you are trying to tell. This is an experience maybe of all people who are in the social networking sites. In the beginning it was to me too, I think it did hit me rather on the neck. Yes we have to be very very cautious on that aspect. It shall definitely kill your time and disturb the regularity and as you say it is to be set by each person on their priorities and comfort.
      I very much agree on this. Look to what is more important to the individual’s taste and browse accordingly. But still a deep thought on this is the question of the hour. Maybe one has to throw light upon themselves. Haha.
      See, I saw your this comment of yours only today and am happy to know your views.
      You are young and have better priorities, so share and distribute your time accordingly.
      Thanks for reading and throwing light upon.
      All the Best to YOU

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  6. Hi Jackie, wonderful interview. I have been following Shiva’s space too and it is wonderful to reach out and know that extra bit about him as a person. Blog posts are a great way to judge what a person must be like and Shiva has always been this humble person with genuine comments and contributions to this blogging community. Thank you for introducing all of us to him all over again! Cheers and have a lovely day.

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    1. Aishu! I think I have told you that my daughter’s name is also Aishwarya and I call her so. I got confused the other day as your name affixes Shivakumar which is my name and my daughter keeps writing like that and you look alike.
      Thanks for your opinion about me. I only feel you take the best use of being here. Be it your personal endeavours or to gain knowledge.
      All the best to YOU.

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      1. Thank you Shiva for you lovely comment. Yes you have said to me about my similarities with your daughter! How intriguing 🙂
        I have always enjoyed reading your work and I’m very glad that you did the interview so we could know a bit more about you here. Cheers!

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  7. Hello Shiva,
    You are one happy man, I can see it from your eyes.I feel your calm energy.
    I see you’ve met some of the greatest mysteries of life.You are doing a great job here.
    Keep it going 🙂

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    1. Ben! I was rather stunned to know that you could know me through my eyes. I feel if most could know it that way. I think I should agree to what you have felt. Life is actually to know these mysteries, otherwise this will be another life and it shall go waste.
      After seeing to your this comment I was eager to see your site and I did go there and read one of your posts. You seem to be another expanded Soul and you want the life of others to be better. While thanking you for your praise, I feel you are too, doing a Great Job here.
      Yes! We shall keep it going Ben!
      Stay Connected.

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  8. Jacqueline thank you for bringing out this post.. And Shiva sir, it’s so good to see this lighter and sober shade of yours.. honestly coz there are times when your post makes me wonder and astound of you being complex… but no, I now understand that it’s your artistic side.. 🙂

    Thank you once again, Jacque and Shiva Sir.

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    1. Shilpa you just keep on making listen, the sounds of your heart, I mean Dil Ki Awaaz Suno!
      Only when you make people hear those sounds people know what it is, the Dhak! Dhak!
      If I tell you I am a very simple, simplicist or simplitic ( these are new words to be added in Dictionary ) person you will think twice.
      Let me tell you. In this Complex world, if you are a simpleton, you are thought to be otherwise, because the world wants one to be exactly like the world, the world does not know it is complex. So you have to be Artistic …Hahaha
      Oh My Dear thanks for reading this interview and passing your wonderful comment on Me and Jacqueline.
      Stay Connected

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      1. I cannot understand complex things.. nor can I write anything complex. Simple words, straight from my heart. If I am able to reach anybody’s heart I am blessed..

        And for me people like u, Jacqueline, Ranjeeta, Kamal, Shivangi and many more are my inspiration..

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  9. ~Im really happy I took the time to read this ^^ Glad to have gotten to know you more 🙂 I wish I could ‘keep on blogging’ too haha blogging gives me such joy but it takes up so much time as well >.< And sometimes I do get comments here right after posting, clearly showing that the person didn't actually read my article :/ I don't get it- why comment when you don't even know what the post is about? Love the photos! Are those your dogs? 😀 N thank you Jacqueline for doing the interview ^^

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    1. Thanks to see you here and to know that you took the time to read my interview.
      I am so happy if it has contributed to your blogging endeavours.
      Yes, this is going to continue but we must not be taken aback about it. Sincerity shall always pay.
      They are my dogs. and I found them on the road while they were puppies.
      Its long since I have not visited you. Shall make it shortly.
      Fond Regards

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  10. See! Jacqueline!! You are thanking me and I am to you. But you have been thanked by so many others and your Bag is now overflowing with Thanks.
    I am rather embarrassed when addressed as ‘Shiva Sir’ and amused when addressed as ‘Sir Shiva’. Embarrassed because I feel I have gone Old and have been a sort of Senior figure and that more responsibilities are ahead of Me. Amused because when a title like “SIR” is given to a person he is to be addressed as Sir first and then his name. Hahaha .
    You know my Post “The Etymology and the Dialect of SIR”

    I thank ALL who have come here and have commented so good and have shared their thoughts.
    Hello! Everyone Stay Connected!!!


  11. An interesting read. Nice meeting you Shiva…I smiled at the part where you talked about new bloggers clicking the “like” button of about 10 posts 🙂 I see that a lot these days. But i really enjoyed reading your story. Nice meeting you. And Jackie, thanks for this platform to meet other bloggers in a more personal way.

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    1. Thanks Bisimodupe for your esteemed comment.
      This clicking affair has been through the WP App. It has been the state of affairs after it got launched I suppose, because it makes and allows one to see the Blog posts of all bloggers continuously and one can put their likes continuously for even more than 30 posts. I think WP shall do something about that.
      I am equally happy having met you.
      Jacqueline is such a person who has created this platform and I thank her along with you.
      Fond Regards,


  12. A beautiful interview from a wise soul. It was so nice to learn more about Shiva and meet his lovely wife and daughters and dogs. I really enjoyed the video. Shivaratri will be the eve of my birthday so I look forward to being woken up…

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    1. Brigid! Thanks for this comment.
      Does your birthday fall on 7th March, that is today? Cause the video says it on 7th March. Actually it is an old video I suppose. The Shivaratri this year was on 24th Feb and it keeps changing every year as per the Hindu Calendar. Though I was born on Shivaratri day, but as per the Christian calendar it falls on 10th March.
      I am very happy to wish you on your Birthday Brigid! Let more days and years of Good Health and Prosperity come to you. Your esteemed presence in the Blogosphere has always been felt and we all look forward to share your valuable thoughts.
      I shall come to you shortly after this, its been pending since long.
      Fond Regards,


      1. What a lovely message Shiva. My birthday is tomorrow the 8 March which is International Women’s Day. It was a full moon on the night I was born – a few moons ago! Thank you once again. Wishing you many blessings Shiva. 😊

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  13. Like my friend Shiva, I too love the way the blogging community makes the world a smaller, more intimate space where we can celebrate our diversities and let the love flow. And now, thanks to Jacqueline I know Shiva even better. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Roos this comment of yours makes my endeavours encouraged. Sorry for the delayed reply. It is long since pending my visit to your blog. I shall visit you in a few hours from now.
      Please make again, your presence felt at mine.
      Fond Regards,

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    1. Maria thanks for the comment and blessings. Your good thoughts on my thoughts makes me feel good. Sorry for this delayed reply. I shall visit your blog soon to share your thoughts still better.
      Fond Regards,

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  14. Shiva is always so mindful in his comments when he leaves them. He has great insight and understands the workings of the Universe. He may have learned this from Yoga or just from his culture. In the beginning his comments were lost in translation a bit, but over the years I have come to understand better what he is saying. I think the name of his blog is sheer perfection. I think both of you, Jackie & Shiva, are such spiritual souls and your blogs reflect your positive energy. Thank you Jackie for interviewing Shiva and thank you Shiva for sharing yourself with us! Hugs to both of you! xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Deb yours and Jacqueline’s comment have made me understand more of what Soulfulness is. As for me, I always feel to share whatever is there in me for the betterment of others, if it really does good to them, I would never want to waste my time wherever or whenever. If my presence and my being is doing any good to others I am the most satisfied person. In the process I may lose my time and money but it is immaterial.
        My thirst to know since my childhood on anything for that matter, has maybe, made Me, to know of so many things, which right now, I am sharing in the Blogosphere. This statement may again lead you to have lost in translation, but, haha, you are now able to understand what I am saying.
        I now, have to thank-you both for having given your time and for sharing your Soulfulness with me always.
        Hugs to You Both Dears!


  15. Shiva I have read your blogs and every time I feel and believe in your wisdom, kindness and humane qualities. Wishing you peace and health with a long beautiful life–ameen


  16. Hi Jacqueline I really appreciate this interview as it’s very well done and I know both you and Shiva … would you mind if I reblog it on my new blog called ‘Meet the Bloggers’?

    Would eventually like to interview you for it too?

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      1. Thanks for that … now I have to work out how to reblog it to my 2nd site …
        Will get back to you about the interview as I already have a few on the go, thanks!


  17. Though I don’t get around to your blog as often as I’d like, Shiva it’s always a joy reading your blogs because you write from the heart and your words and photos seem to give a breath of inspiration to your readers. Thank you for opening up more of your world to us. Hopefully, you will change your mind and put some of your works in print, then I can carry that inspiration around with me always even when I’m not limited to the internet.

    In addition to your inspirational pieces, I can’t wait to have that novel transition from your head to paper.

    Love and light to you Shiva!


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