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A word from me.

There are words you read and tears flow out of their own volition. This is how the words of haiku for Ricky Baker moved me.

Tanya Cliff is a beautiful soul. Her rich writing and words always reach in and grab my attention. I’ve followed her blog for quite a bit and I am never short of admiration for this writer friend of mine. You can get to know her better through her blog, Post Prodigal.

A word from others

I only recently discovered Tanyas writing, although the way it touches my heart I feel as if I have known her for a long time. …
Good writers encourage you to keep reading, to enjoy the story. Great writers encourage you to believe and be a part of the story. Rickey story did exactly that. It touched me deeply and challenged me to go out and do something.
If you have a heart for the disadvantaged, forgotten children of our world this little book will challenge you as well.
If you don’t read it anyway. You might be surprised where it takes you.

Please Note: “A Haiku for Ricky Baker” all the proceeds from the sales, including 70% of eBook sales, go to fund art and writing projects for at-risk youth.

Please read and lend your support to the Ricky Baker’s of our world. Available on Amazon.


A word from me

Talented writer. Iain’s stories create intrigue that leaves you wanting to know more.

‘Collected Sketches’ is a series of short stories and flash fiction pieces. They take in varied locations, topics and people but together build a picture of the modern world that we live in, and ask what the future of our world will look like. Some tales are funny, some serious, dramatic and poignant, covering genres from science fiction to historical drama.

It’s available on and Amazon UK.  Support the authors in our midst.

Iain Kelly is a writer based in Scotland, currently writing his first novel.

More of his short fiction can be found on his blog:


Why I started Author zone.

A writers’ journey can be a lonely and arduous trip and the success of a writer is the collective effort of all those who surround him/her.

I know that I am a small time blogger out there but I believe so much in the strength that lies in unity.

It’s been in my heart for quite a while to find ways of contributing, encouraging and promoting my fellow authors around.

Many are struggling to get their works out there and the challenge of breaking into the limelight of traditional publishing is humongous.

We are the only one’s who can attract and drive our own growth in here. Buying and reading bestsellers is brilliant, all well and good, but contributing to lift up a fellow writer in our midst from one level to the next should be our collective care because it matters.

Support your fellow author/artist/writer/blogger. Collaborate with each other to help them grow.

The truth is that purchasing a book from a little-known author barely costs much. If you are buying 3 books a month, pick up one from an author in our midst, the cost is not even up to a cup of coffee at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, London Dairy or where ever it is that you love to get your sweetness.

The idea behind ‘Author Zone,’ is to highlight a number of authors and their books bi-monthly.

If you would like your book highlighted, please feel free to contact me. I would also try to do a review of a book once a month.

Please share this as much as possible to reach as many authors/writers as we can. BYB

Thank you for your support.



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  1. Shared this on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Wish I could participate as a writer but my work schedule does not allow me to do so at this time. Getting ready for work now and I won’t reach back home until 9:30 am. 16 hours of fun!!

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