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Building a Nest…

‘Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.’ Bit by bit the bird makes its’ nest. 

I thought that I would only watch such stuff on National Geographic.

It was my utmost pleasure to spy as intrusively as possible on the little birdie constructing its’ nest.

It’s amazing how dexterous these little ones are.

Now, I regret not making a video.

Against all odds – The Daily Post

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15 thoughts on “Building a Nest…

  1. That French saying is one of my favourites to the extent that open my mouth here say ‘petits’ and friends finish the rest with a smile. YOur little birdie is evocative of what I feel life is. It is a question of perseverance, it is a question of getting on with it whatever the odds, it is a question of making the place that we can thrive in. Life, this one life of ours, may seem tough but hell if you are a tiny bird with no option but to use what is around you to keep you and yours safe, you get on with it. I loved this post dearest J. Namaste 🙏🏼

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  2. Seeing the birds make a nest is an amazing experience, we were able to see the sunbirds build their nest in the hibiscus plant outside our bedroom window. The birds have left quite some time ago and the nest has also disintegrated.

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