The Private Eye…

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Privacy has lost its’ grounds.

Becoming extinct as the days go by.

Now, everything seems to have a hidden eye.

The truth that nothing is hidden under the Sun,

Becomes true each given day.

Protecting your privacy,

Is now a herculean task.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Privacy – The Daily Post


7 thoughts on “The Private Eye…

  1. So true! It’s nearly impossible to hide anything these days. Companies have all your information and have access to anything these days. The fine line between personal and public information is becoming blurred. People feel compelled to share their most personal stories, beliefs, and imfornation on social media and to companies all the time.

    In order to protect my personal and professional image, I live by a rule I once heard: “make sure that, if you are on the front page of the news, your grandmother would be proud of the message”.

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