Is New Year A New Beginning? – Monday Musings


I wonder why at the end of each year we arm ourselves with new journals, scribble all those new year resolutions and jump into the starting year revving to go, yet by the end of the first quarter, we’ve fallen off the wagon of our resolutions, bruised and battered we simply try to limp along.

Years back I gave up on the idea of resolutions, rather I chose to start thinking of my goals as life solutionsΒ and decided to live each day as best as I could. Over time, I have also realized that these jumpstarts on resolutions create some sort of tension within us that makes us feel that we’ve let ourselves down when we don’t meet these goals and actually sets off negative ricochets and thought patterns.

Is a New Year truly a new beginning when the person living the year hasn’t done much changing in their thoughts, actions, and approach?

The fireworks of 31st December is not a magic wand that suddenly transforms us from the person we were to a new being. Of course, the excitement of the fireworks ushers in a new calendar year, however, what of the calendar within us?

What fireworks do we need to transform and to pursue those ideas, goals, and dreams that we want to achieve?

Change in our personal lives is a consistent, deliberate mental attitude that gradually transforms us from one state of mind to the other. It’s not sudden abracadabra.

Chances are that when we fail to work on the innate issues that causeΒ us to derail from our objectives, we simply continue the cycle of falling off, losing faith, getting back on and on that before you know it, it’s another New Year’s Eve.

Each day has to count positively. By all means, we must set accountable and realistic goals, but we must also set the attitude and drive to meet them on a daily basis.


24 thoughts on “Is New Year A New Beginning? – Monday Musings

  1. I like this Jacqueline – “what of the calendar within us?
    What fireworks do we need to transform and to pursue those ideas, goals, and dreams that we want to achieve?”.

    Indeed! The correct attitude and a persistent spirit is needed to achieve our objectives.

    Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking and direct post.

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  2. True words. In my opinion the only thing in life that we can control is our attitude yet so many are willing to surrender that control to others. Personally, I made two resolutions several years ago and they are still in force. First is that I will worry only about those things that I can control, everything else is to be either accepted or avoided. The second is that I will no longer suffer fools lightly. Too often people will seek validation for what you recognize as a foolish or inappropriate action. Telling the truth when asked is often the kindest thing that a friend can do.


  3. Happy New Year Jackie!! Wise words. I’m with you in that I gave up resolutions so long ago I can’t remember. As a goal setter I think it’s much easier to set goals and do periodic reviews to stay on target or make needed changes. Living life intentionally can be challenging but I think it’s more rewarding than constant regrets or wishing for what could be down the road.


  4. thank you for this post! i wonder this all the time! people dont understand the concept of now. they say “ill start monday” or “ill wait until after the holidays”. with this kind of thinking, they are always putting it off into the future!

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