All New Writers’ Quote Challenge – Peace

Beautiful and deep quote


My original offering for this challenge has disappeared due to an internet connection that has a habit of acting out, quite badly at times. So, I shall proceed forth with a new offering in response to Jacqueline’s All New Writers’ Quote Challenge on Peace. The prompt for this challenge was the following:

For this week’s prompt, I choose this simple quote of peace below.

We all want peace in our lives, but how much peace do we contribute to others in our own little ways?

Be the peace that you seek – Fil Tribble

How shall I proceed with this second attempt? Again the choice is for the same quote from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Kubler-Ross’s words strike deep within the psyche and I searched for an appropriate image of serenity that would accompany the words. One was found that instilled a sense of peace.

light-1097599_1920 Image: Pixabay

The most beautiful people we…

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One thought on “All New Writers’ Quote Challenge – Peace

I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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