Coming Out…

From the top of the hill, Logan stared at the house at the foot of the hills, a deep longing stirred in him.

It’s just a few meters to the place that would always remain home in his heart but was no longer welcoming to him.

He knew that they would be gathered around the table chit-chatting and passing the plates around.

In his minds’ eye, he could see the setting; he could smell the vanilla and cinnamon, he could almost taste his mother’s signature pecan pie and tears pricked his eyes.

Did they ever think about him? Did they miss him the way he missed them or were their hearts still hardened towards his choices in life?

When his dad stands at the pulpit to preach about love to his congregation, does his mind go to his only son?

Logan loves Greg his partner deeply, but he misses his family so much.

Sometimes, he wonders if the price of coming out of the closet five years ago was not too steep and he often finds himself in an emotional quandary.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Thank you Footie and Foodie for the inspiring photo and Priceless Joy our amiable hostess for your support.


 out-of-the-silent-breath 2

17 thoughts on “Coming Out…

  1. I hope in time, his family sees it is more important to love each other and treat each other well, then to exclude him for something they see as sinful. Everyone does something wrong, does sinful things, it’s up to God to judge not them. Jesus’ greatest command was to love one another, love your neighbour and I think that surpasses all. Great writing Jacqueline!

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  2. I cannot and will never understand how people can turn their backs on others simply because they love someone different than they’d be expected. Just doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter who you love. If gay, lesbian, straight. The only thing that matters is that you are happy. It’s what I wish for my children. I hope they will find the one person that makes them feel happy, better, stronger. The person who lifts them up, who loves them for who they are and supports them. And I don’t care what religion, what skin color, what gender that person will have. As long as they are honest characters.

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