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Coming Out…

From the top of the hill, Logan stared at the house at the foot of the hills, a deep longing stirred in him.

It’s just a few meters to the place that would always remain home in his heart but was no longer welcoming to him.

He knew that they would be gathered around the table chit-chatting and passing the plates around.

In his minds’ eye, he could see the setting; he could smell the vanilla and cinnamon, he could almost taste his mother’s signature pecan pie and tears pricked his eyes.

Did they ever think about him? Did they miss him the way he missed them or were their hearts still hardened towards his choices in life?

When his dad stands at the pulpit to preach about love to his congregation, does his mind go to his only son?

Logan loves Greg his partner deeply, but he misses his family so much.

Sometimes, he wonders if the price of coming out of the closet five years ago was not too steep and he often finds himself in an emotional quandary.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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 out-of-the-silent-breath 2

The Visa Photo…

‘You have to look relaxed and smile Nkeonyelu. Abi, you don’t want them to give you the visa?’

‘I hear that they look at people’s picture to decide who they will allow to go abroad o.’

‘Aha! That’s a better pose.’

‘Oya, Patrick snap it like that,’ Nkeonyelu’s mother’s insisted.

Make sure she looks beautiful o!’

‘Can you believe it? You, my daughter, will be going to Germany.’ Her ceaseless excited chatter attracted the eyes of other customers.

Nkeonyelu was not as enthused as her mother.  Patrick’s busy photo studio was the best that the little town had and not far from it, was another shop where her heart lay.

Secretly in her mind, she wished the visa officer would look at her picture and dislike it.

She silently prayed that they would deny her the visa to join her unknown husband.

It was marriage by proxy and the past few month’s following the ties, she has nursed an unhappy heart.

Her secret love for Ekendili only seemed to burgeon more with each passing day, but she knew that her family would never welcome the suit of the poor cobbler when a golden opportunity has been handed to them right on a platter of arranged marriage.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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Quick glossary:

Abi – Don’t you?

Oya – Quickly