A Click A Day

Let’s Make A Call – A Click A Day

Times have changed so much that telephone booths are almost becoming relics now that everyone uses a mobile phone.

I remember years back at home in Nigeria when the phone booths were far and few in-between and the queue as long as half a mile – maybe I exaggerate on the length, but you get the idea – and everyone waited patiently to take their turn to make that phone call.

Friendships were struck on these lines, quarrels picked and fights were fought when someone appropriated the phone for too long. All in all, it was an interesting time.

Nowadays, everyone is bent over their piece of gadget and hardly say hello again.


out-of-the-silent-breath 2



18 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Call – A Click A Day

  1. Perhaps we should clear all the Ipads, Andriods, bla…bla and go back to the good ol-days…heeeheee some people will crucify me! But seriously we sometimes need to switch off our gadgets and have a good conversation with friends and loved ones.

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  2. I agree with you Jacqueline. Those phone booths made my day back then, saved a few coins to make calls, and made sure that my phone book was always safe with me. Great days, great memories.

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