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Let There Be Light…

Without light, we would be engulfed in darkness,1 so it’s not a surprise that we are drawn to it, both the natural and artificial light. Light is one of the most important factors to consider when taking photos. A great shot could be marred if the lighting is not good.

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Tip: When exposing for beams of light, it is best to under expose the entire scene. This adds some drama to the image and keeps some detail in the light beams themselves.


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Tip: Backlighting adds details of the subject. When backlighting, it’s best to under expose the image to allow the highlights to glow. Read More…




H for Hands

It is said that one’s hands can tell tales about the owner, from details of their background to character, health, relationship bliss, future, and fortune. Therefore, it’s no wonder that hands are fascinating appendages of human structure that’s worth admiring and photographing.

For the H letter of the photo theme challenge, it was a tussle between doing photos for History or Hands. I love history and I am one of those who haunts museums and soaks up stories of long past history, but I settled for Hands in this case.

Close-up portraits of body parts can be magnificent. They can also have a meaning and send a strong message. Such photographic portraits imply which sex the part belongs to, the possible age of the owner, their social condition, and a lot of other things. Our body parts portraits reveal many details than one would be tempted to believe.

Photographing The Hands

While photographing these hands, my main interest is to tell the person’s story. For example, the first photo is the cobbler that I pass by occasionally. His hands were always busy repairing shoes and I wanted to take shots of them whilst he worked.

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The second photo is a perfumer at work. She makes fragrance from natural ingredients and always had some henna painting on her hands. I wanted to capture her painted hands as she worked and filled the bottles.

Photo, Body Parts, Hands, Photo Tips, Subjects Story, Photography

Tips & Recommendations for photographing hands: read more…

Photo 101


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Bare Feet

For the B part of the photography theme challenge, I chose to shoot bare feet.

As mundane as feet may be and possibly overlooked since we see them every second and minute of the day, they make beautiful subject to photograph because no two feet are the same and a mundane object can be made interesting with specific camera settings.

Every pair of feet tells a story about its’ owner. An excerpt of a previous post of mine below:

Feet! Normal human features that we see every day.

Yet, the feet are the beautiful piece of artwork from the Master craftsman Himself.

They take us on our lifetimes’ journey’s literally and physically

As we leave our imprints all over the sands of time in pursuance of our dreams.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Camera Settings

The image is in a monochrome setting under the SCN mode. Monochrome setting converts the image directly to black and white. Read More

Photo 101

Creating Abstract: A-Z Photography Theme Challenge

For the first part of the challenge, I chose to create an abstract image out of an object, in this case, lamps hanging inside a shop. I took two separate photos through the shops’ glass.

Abstract Take

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Basic histogram of the first image.

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Second Take 

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Basic histogram of the second image

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Comparing the two histograms, you’ll find similarities and the little adjustments made to make both shots.

Today’s world of Digital Photography has made it possible for us to check our images immediately through the back of our camera’s or the viewfinder. Read More…

Photo 101

A-Z Photography Theme Challenge

Photography Themes

Using photography themes is a great and fun way to develop your skills and organize your photos.

Why should you take part in a challenge? Sometimes we tend to run out of ideas. Secondly, after living in a place for a while, we develop a mental block and a taken for granted attitude that overlooks possible objects of creativity around us.

We need not look far to turn ordinariness into great images because there are ALWAYS something worth capturing. This A-Z photo challenge will get your creative juices flowing.

There are no hard and fast rules to take part. You can take photos with whatever gadget you have. Simply show your interest in the comments and add the pingback to your shoots so that others can check it out as well.

I will collate all the participants URL and share at the end of the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing your great images. Have fun.

Quick D.I.Y on Adding a Pingback

Simply right-click on the URL you want to copy and share

Click on ‘copy link address’

On your editor, click on the link icon circled in red below

Insert the copied link into the box for URL and the proper text that you want the link to read.

Be sure to click on ‘open link in a new tab’ so that the reader can reach the page without exiting your site.

A-Z List

A. Abstracts, Apple

B. Bare feet, Bicycle

C. Clouds, city scenes,

D. Decorations, Dogs

E. Eggs, Environment

F. Feline, Flowers

G. Gardens, Gold

H. Hands, History

Read More…

Please Share and Invite Others.


Tips To Improve Your Photography

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Study and emulate the best photographers

Take time to study the best photographs taken by photographers in your field. As simple as it sounds, looking at other people’s work, finding out what it is about it appeals to you, and how it was done, what you don’t like about it and how to avoid that leads to improvement in your own photographing sessions.

A great photo will capture your interest and make you think. Have these pointing thoughts at the back of your mind: Read More



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Review Your Angle

All humans view the world from the eye level which pretty much limits the perspective that we see an image to a certain altitude.

However, you could improve the appearance of your images by changing your viewing height and place by shooting on your knees, flat on your backside, from a height or on your sides.

These little tricks could turn an ordinarily mundane photo into an amazing image. You can check this link for more tips.

Did you know you can sell your photos online? Check this link for ideas on how to sell your photos.

A Click A Day

Polaroid – A Click A Day

Times keep changing and so does technology. I saw this dummy replica of an old camera and remembered the old polaroid cameras my parents used back in the days to capture our startled, say cheese expressions for the family album.

We called them ‘wait and take,’ photos. It was fascinating as a child to watch the photo slide out mere minutes after it was taken. Now, digital rules the World.


Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Photo Workshop and bits of my week – Echoes Of My Neighbourhood 26

On Thursday’s, I share pictures about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple and you can find out more about it through this link.

This week has truly been a bit rough on my emotions, but work and attending a three-day digital photography workshop helped to take my mind a bit off things.

I am working at honing my photography skills and see where this road leads. It was a lot of fun that by the time I got home each day, I was numb enough not to think too much about all the ugly incidents going on all over the place.

I met some delightful people and interacted with one of the attendees, a beautiful Turkish lady. My heart felt so sad for her when her eyes brimmed over with tears as she talked about the bombing at ATATURK. She was scheduled to travel home to Turkey this week and her thoughts were filled with trepidation which was quite understandable.

As we sat in our armchairs and zoomed through our timeless portals, Stella took us to Aalborg zoo in Denmark to see some Wildlife, then Lady Lee gave us a treat to Welsh music and sailing down the picturesque Lake Vyrnwy in Wales after which Pamela took us through a 45-minute jaunt through St. Augustine’s beautiful sunrise and tall swaying palms and our travel through the e-portal was capped with eye candies of beautiful vintage cars displayed at a street fair in Brooklyn.

So, when do we get to visit you? Now, don’t be shy and invite us over 😉


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