Hide and Seek, Here and Now…

Here and now, as I sit on the parks bench soaking up the air,
watching the children play hide and seek with Griffin,
the darling old dog of a good neighbour.
Griffin is 14 years old, that’s really old in dog years;
he’s no longer fast and pants quite heavily,
but he still loves a good rub and enjoys playing hide and seek,
as he trudges slowly on his Cocker-Spaniel legs.


Here and now a bazillion thoughts race through my mind
like flitting fireflies, resting on this and floating to that,
I craft plans with paper and pen;
some thoughts etched in ink,
and some are left to the mind.
…make sandwich of tuna and eggs on a bed of lettuce,
…call mother and enjoy a good laugh with baby sister;
…go with the boys to get a haircut later,
…write a post to publish before I go (this is the post);
…tinker with a few widgets on my upcoming blog.


Here and now, I feel at ease yet restless…
I have learnt to live day by day and enjoy the moments,
though sometimes my imagination drifts beyond the present.
I try not to query the future for it’s not guaranteed to anyone.
I have learnt that all I truly have is here and now,
and I must make the best of it as much as I can.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Here and Now – Discover Challenge

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23 thoughts on “Hide and Seek, Here and Now…

  1. Griffin looks like he was having fun! I particularly agree with your last point about recognizing that all we have is here and now. I increasingly feel that way myself. I should enjoy the blessing of having family and friends (but no pets, unfortunately) because at the end of the day, they’re mean so much more than petty things like making more money or securing a promotion.

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