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Please meet my beautiful, talented home girl and blogger friend Nedoux…

You meet some people and the connection is so awesome that you are simply thankful you got to meet them. ‘

‘Nedu is one of such people that I’ve met in cyberspace and when I call her my home girl and sister, it’s for many reasons that goes beyond enjoying her entertaining posts. Displaying At work.jpg

We are both Nigerians and of the Igbo tribe. I am not sure she knows this, one of my native names is also Chinedu – short for ‘Nedu like her’s and lastly, we both love Lagos. She currently blogs from Lagos and even though I left many moons ago, I’m still a Lasgidi chic.

Whenever I get to go home again, this enterprising, fine chic owes me some pepper soup and small chops. 😉

Thank you, sis, for granting this interview.

Let’s know a bit about you.

My name is ‘Nedu Ahanonu, I work as an Investment Analyst by day, Blogger by night and DIY sewist at the weekend.

I enjoy well-crafted satires and clever puns.  I like genuine acts of kindness and I dislike an unfounded sense of entitlement.

As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve come to the realisation that life is as simple as we choose to make it. One must learn to take full responsibility for both their enthusiasm and happiness.

Why blog? What’s your blogging experience being like?

It all started as a blog where I’d showcase my completed personal sewing projects, then it gradually evolved into a fusion of both my musings and the sewing construction process.

My main motivation was to show readers that sewing wasn’t rocket science at all, it simply required practice and a can-do attitude.

Blogging has been a wonderful experience, it’s giving me a platform to share my thoughts. I’m particularly thankful for the opportunity to build a supportive network of virtual friends.

The post about Lagos I-live-here was a big hit with readers because they could relate with the many idiosyncrasies of a fast-paced city.

My favourite post has got to be this one- I’m-not-giving-up-on-you because the underlying message about having a positive perspective, inspires me.

What’s your typical day like?

Displaying Fabric shopping at Tejuosho market.jpgMy weekdays are pretty much routine,  commuting to the office, working and commuting back home after conquering the monster that camouflages as Lagos traffic.

Weekends are far more interesting, there’s always something to do in Lagos! I go shopping for fabric and sewing accessories at least once a month, there’s something about fabric that excites me, I guess it’s the possibility of creating a beautiful garment.

So, what plans do you have in the offing?

I’m an avid muser and it’s my deepest wish to write a book someday once I convince myself that my past and present experiences plus my imagination are sufficient material for a best-selling novel.

With regards to the sewing aspect, I recently launched a Sewing Club, which is a nice transition from simply writing about my hobby to actually teaching a live class.

Displaying Sewing Workshop.jpg

out-of-the-silent-breath 2


18 thoughts on “Please meet my beautiful, talented home girl and blogger friend Nedoux…

  1. Loving this post!! I feel an extra special connection to Nigeria and Nigerians even though I’ve never been there. I do know I have some Nigerian DNA according to my genetics results. Also I get along very well with my Nigerian co-workers. Lagos, Nigeria will definitely be one of my Must See Vacation Destinations when I retire in two years!! Thanks for this blog post!!

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  2. Hi Sis,

    You can add isi ewu and nkwobi to the list of things that I owe you. 😀

    I had no idea that we were namesakes, that’s one more reason to love you. Lol

    I enjoyed doing this, thank you so much for the opportunity.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this interview, Jacqueline. Nedoux is the truth (as we say in the states)! I “met” her at one of your parties early this year, and I’ve followed her work since. I wish I could take that sewing class, and I’ll definitely buy her novel. ❤

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      1. You too. I loved looking at all your lovely outfits – you are an inspiration. I used to make clothes for myself but that has fallen by the wayside. I am giving small patchwork projects a go soon…


  4. I’m techno challenged (yet again) this week, so I’m commenting here only – sorry Nedoux.<3 Following Nedoux has been an entertaining and informative experience. Her captivating writing style draws the reader in before it's too late to run away! 😉 Going by photos, with her keen eye for drape and flow she seems to be a master couturier. Great post, Jacqueline. ❤

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  5. I like it that you’re talking about your partners in general as friends whom you knew before… as opposed to a dry business decision. Not sure that I made myself clear, but anyway, I like this pattern about you. Keep it up. :

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