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A Sweet Sister Called Deborah

Anytime that I see Deb’s Gravatar she simply reminds me of one of my younger sisters Ify, who’s so humble, sweet, unassuming and funnily stubborn 🙂
Deb makes me smile. Her writing is fresh, full of surprises and always satisfying.

This Bits About Me

Deb, Bloggers Interview

My name is Deborah Glover (Booky). I’m a choleric/melancholic person – I best describe it as “introverted extrovert”. A writer by passion, a teacher by profession and a Christian. I’m the first child of my parents and being responsible had been drummed into me since I was a child.
I’ve not been so perfect like most people think when they meet me, I’ve got so many imperfections but it’s what makes me human. I like sincerity. It’s a trait I admire and exhibit too. Tell me the truth even if it hurts, especially when it hurts. I dislike it when people try to become another person. I love originality. Be yourself and not the second version of someone else.
Life has its ups and downs. It is filled with TIME or MOMENTS. These moments are priceless. Both the good and the bad and ugly and devastating. They all add up! They make us who are. I mean that “Interesting and Special” person we have all become.

Snippets of My Blog

I started blogging in 2015. I’ve had it in mind to blog long before then. However, when I started I didn’t have the faintest idea of what it was going to be. I wanted to write and read. I wanted a community that would understand my 200+ blabbing and won’t condemn me for it. I started at a crucial time in my life. A time when my family lost her home.
It was a point of distraction and an escape from reality. Writing 101 came along and all the WP courses tagged along too and I saw myself learning. I was a writer who wrote a few poetry and fictional piece but WP polished me. Gradually, I began to share my short stories and poetry. Somewhere good, some were not too good, but in the midst, I had friends who were able to encourage me with the Likes and the piece of advice they shared in the comment section.
Blogging is a great opportunity for everyone. It’s not just for writers and readers. It’s for everyone who can at least write about something. It may be old news to you and people in your country but it might be new to the world.

My Blogging Experience So Far

Blogging has been awesome and I’ll summarize them:
  • I’ve met a community of friends who sincerely care
  • My writing has improved.
  • My view about the world and cultures have broadened.
  • I have read about struggles of others and it encourages me and sometimes it helps me to give a word of comfort to those who are downcast. I have acquired the comrade spirit that says “we’re in this together.”


  • Now, when I see someone with a talent to write, perhaps someone who has many things to share with the world. I tell them about blogging and how blogging on WP has helped me. This is what I do.

A few of my links:

What Keeps Me Plugging Away

I just need to see a Colleen post or Rosema post or any blog I follow post in my mail. They remind me silently to do what I need to do. To keep speaking because I shall be heard, to keep writing because it’s the one thing that bonds us all. Even on days I don’t blog, I read blogs till my battery runs out.

Challenging Moments

I like answering to writing prompts both from The WP daily prompt or those hosted by other bloggers. At a point it became a full time job; so my most challenging blogging moments had been trying to answer all of them. These days, I have choosen to be more laid back. I answer to whichever prompt I could and let the rest go.

This is What My Day Looks Like

A typical day with me? (Smiles) Well, Monday to Friday I work at a children school as a teacher. I return home by 15:00. I cook, chat with my siblings, surf the net and read. If I got an inspiration to write, I write no matter where I am. That’s it!
I don’t have pets.

Looking to The Future

I haven’t published any work yet. I have a novella I completed in 2013 and I yet to publish it anywhere. I’m working towards publishing that this year.
I have my insecurities about the book. It’s my first baby (book) and it’s not been edited – excluding my writing it four times from start to finish. I might have to publish it online first before I get it done in paperback. It’s a Young adult Fiction set in Nigeria.

Chatting and Connecting with Susie.

The first thing that drew my attention to Susie when I started blogging and during blogging 101 course which seems like eons ago is her consistent contribution and suggestions to a discussion. I find her frank talk refreshing and being in the business of trying to understand a personality through their words, I was drawn to her.

If my perception is not wrong, I would describe Susie as a gentle, conscientious, kind and tolerant woman.

Please read 🙂


Cat in a box

Sunshine in one of our travel suitcases, that he loves.

A bit about me.

I am a 47-year-old woman, with a June birthday. I am a Syrian Christian by birth. I belong to the southern part of India. I come from a very loving background with caring, nurturing and guiding parents, who tried their best to instill Christian virtues in me. I went to a school that emphasized old-time values like love for one’s country, patriotism, helping others without care for who they were, and standing up for what was right. After school I went to a Medical School that had Christian values written all over it- this played a great role in my selection of this particular school for my higher education.

It was the first time I had stayed away from home and my parents. I was shocked beyond reprieve that the Christian values of care, love, putting others beyond self, helping one another, unity and patience were far from the real life of the people at the college. I went into an emotional and personal crisis at this stage. From being an A level student, I went to the bottom rungs of the academic ladder. Around this time, I lost belief in God and in my religion.

I wondered and pondered over a God that allowed all the atrocities that went on in the college in the name of Christianity. Injustice and blatant human right abuse abounded there. A system of ragging prevailed,  that went to the heart and soul of a newcomer or a freshman to the college, which in many cases served to shatter the person from within. Being me, I protested openly against this and this made me hugely unpopular. A reign of terror was unleashed at me and I was made to feel hugely uncomfortable during my college life. Needless to say, I did not enjoy my college life.

It was divine intervention that helped me and kept me safe during this time and kept me away from the various vices a person could fall into while away from parental scrutiny. I survived and passed to become a doctor. A year after passing out, I married a man, who by some strange coincidence was from the same college. My marriage was a surprise to many of the naysayers in my college life as my husband was one of the most desirable bachelors of that college and I the least but again God brought us together. Over the years my faith in God has grown and I have come back to the fold like the lost sheep or the prodigal son.

I love writing. I have come to learn that I love listening to people. I can be a talker when I wish but I think I enjoy listening more and analyzing people and their thoughts and deeds. Most of these analyses lead me to life stories that I blog about. I guess I am an introvert.
I dislike two facedness. I am judgmental so am quick to find out if someone is not what he/she says he/she is.
I try to be a nurturer and love my two children very much. I am a dog lover by heart but the Good Lord has put so many cats in my life that I have lost count. I have come to believe that he really loves a good chuckle at my expense 🙂

The purpose of my blog.

At a low point in my life, about three years ago, I quit a job in Medical Research again because I didn’t believe in the work ethics of the place I was working at. I decided to move on, leaving a very respected job. For about a year and a half, I was unemployed and the object of a lot of ridicule. In an attempt to earn some money, I decided to do so by writing.
During this writing journey, I learned further that if one had a blog, writing jobs came easier. I didn’t land any major writing jobs but I got a blog and a lot of blog friends, many of whom are keepers. My blog is about my life. I have almost half a century of life lived behind me – perhaps I can be of good to some soul who has gone through issues like me and is hoping for a friendly listening ear.
I started this blog in order to write but became a reader and a listener by turn. So the objectives of my blog have done a U-turn now from when I started. When I started blogging, it was all about me and promoting myself. These days, it is more about being a listener and helping others, if that is possible. It seems to me that my blog is more about others now than myself.
I like the blogging world a lot except when it airs the political opinions of people who often don’t agree with my political thinking. When it gets beyond a limit, I stop reading their blogs. But otherwise, blogging has been a wonderful experience to me.
Links to some of my favorite posts:

How I stay motivated.

To be honest, I don’t motivate myself at all. I go for days without writing and then there is a deluge of writing with more silence. I like writing when I feel the whim and not when I am forced to do so. During moments of silence, I read others blogs and get inspiration from them, sometimes commenting on their posts that touched my heart or pulled a string somewhere in my being. Often times, these posts serve as inspiration for my own future posts. I have a long memory and so I have plenty of feed to write about inside my own head.

My Blogging Challenges.

I would say, not being able to express myself to my fullness, with absolute freedom for my words and my creativity. I am a little worried and scared about whether people I know and work with or live with will come to know of my blog and my blog opinions. So my blog posts will often be tempered down from what they actually should be. In the process, I have learnt diplomacy but perhaps lost out on some of my innate honesty.

My Word For Others.

Yes, I would surely encourage people to blog and especially if you are going through a personal crisis being a blogger certainly helps when you are down in the dumps. There are so many people out there, who are going through pain just like you and maybe more than you. Perhaps you can be a comfort to them and they, to you.
I would tell new time bloggers to keep writing, small posts frequently, till you reach that place where you can be a model of writing to others. So practice writing as often as your heart tells you. Also, I feel that one needs to write if one feels the urge and not when one feels that one has to join a group of people to belong to a certain belief group. Be honest to your own true self, as much as you can and your honest voice will reach others.

Spend a day with me.

I wake up hearing before the crack of dawn to prepare food for my human and animal family before I go to work. But the first thing I do is open ” Our Daily Bread” and read the readings for the day, reflect on them, pray about them and give thanks. Giving thanks is becoming a bigger part of my life with each passing day. It keeps me positive and hopeful that good things will happen if we go looking for them. After the cooking and packing of lunches and feeding of my strays, I shower and dress up to go to work.
I work as a research administrator in a university college and need to be at work at 8 am. Often being caught in rush hour traffic, I reach work only around 8:30but because I have an understanding supervisor, I often get away with it. Life has been getting easier as my children need less of me and my husband has become more independent in terms of their needs – so I have more time for myself. At work, I complete my day’s work in about an hour and the spare time I have, I sit at my desk and write or think about what to write. Sometimes I study Math to keep up with my daughter’s math homework. I read some books at my desk too and when my watch tells me I have been sitting too long, I take a walk around the corridors of my university.

Looking to the future plans.

First I would like to publish my own research in the world of medicine and make a few publications in my name and then I would like to see my own name in my publications – whether scientific or creative writing. I would like to earn some money from my blog and help other bloggers who so deserve the help they can get and I am working towards this aim. As to increasing the outreach of my blog, I am letting things take their own time and I am pretty casual about it for now. I get joy in seeing a new follower of my blog but more than numbers, I am now interested in making good friends, and people whose company I love. I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers and those I follow and I would like to learn more and more each day.
Thank you, Jackie, for having me.

Adebisi is not just a blogger friend, she’s my beautiful Nigerian sister.

The most interesting thing about the blogging world is the connections you build with people from all walks of life and one such person that I have been totally delighted to connect with is Adebisi.

I call her sis or ‘Nne’ – which means mother in my language, not just because we share a common bond of being Nigerians and her consistent support, but her loving and endearing spirit that shines through her work and her words.


A Bit About Me

I am the first of 6 siblings and my sisters and brothers call me madam action *Wink*. This stems from having to fill the shoes of being the oldest and wanting everyone to fall in line. On Saturdays, while growing up I would wake them all up and assign chores to everyone. We would scrub, clean and tidy up the house before anyone takes breakfast…now you get the picture! Now they are enjoying the dividends of that as adults running their own homes I imagine…well, I somehow know and I still behave like a mother hen to them.

I was also the end of year party organizer back then. All the teenagers in our neighbourhood or who were our friends looked forward to our Christmas party which normally holds on Boxing Day, 26th of December. Looking back now I laugh as I remember twisting my dad’s arms to foot the bill of our budget for the party.

If he didn’t have enough to cover for what we had in mind we would consult with our friends coming for the party and ask everyone to contribute towards making the party a success. Some would bake a cake or make pastries, others will make fresh drinks and it always was a lot of fun for everyone. Great fond memories that we still talk about till date were made.

I like reading story books a lot so much that my parents couldn’t keep up with buying me new ones. Any great story still catches my attention even now whether it is a movie or literature. Perhaps this hobby is why I am a writer today. My life’s passion and goal is to make a difference in people’s lives no matter what Job I find myself doing.

I dislike lazy people who just drag their feet when something needs to be done. So you may say I can be impatient sometimes.

Most importantly for me is my spirituality. I believe in God and see him as my father. Simply put, knowing Jesus is what gives my life a meaning.

At Work

Me At Work

What motivated me to start blogging?

Firstly, training on blogging at a workshop opened me up to the world of blogging. I was thrilled. It came at a time when I felt dissatisfied with how things were being run at my workplace. I felt choked and needed a space where I could express myself not necessarily about what was going on. It was just a place to pursue my passion of reaching out to others on my own terms and at my own pace.

One of the things I learned about blogging was to write about what I am passionate about. I know I am passionate about making life better for women and girls and so I decided to go in that direction. But since I started blogging I found out from the community and courses on WordPress that I could spice my purpose with writing about other things. It is interesting to know that your readers want to have a peep into who you are and what your life is all about. So I have learned to spice my blog with a few other ideas.

Here is my first blog post ….. Why Femininematerz https://femininematerz.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/why-femininematerz/

Another from my first few posts – https://femininematerz.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/a-happy-girl-without-virgina-violation/

How I Motivate Myself to Continue Blogging

Once I started blogging I found out that it can be addictive so that in itself has kept me going. There are days when other aspects of my life get in the way for example when I have work deadlines or a project I am working on like this one: https://femininematerz.wordpress.com/2017/02/24/people-and-places-that-have-made-my-week-memorable/

It can sometimes seem like I am barely floating with my blogging goal. At such times I try to post at least once a week.

Other things that keep me motivated are the fact that:

  • blogging is something I want to continue to do even after retirement
  • I really do not like disappointing my readers who have come to follow my blog watching out for new posts
  • I will like my blog to grow and be sustained so I must be consistent
  • I will like to be able to sustain the friendship I have come to enjoy in the blogging community. I mean it’s amazing that you can meet people from other parts of the world and become friends.
  • And I do want to make money with this thing someday so I need to keep writing and posting for people to take me seriously.

Challenging Bloggy Moments

My greatest challenge is juggling my job with my blogging goal. I can get really busy sometimes that I simply do not have time to spare blogging. At such times I try to share a bit of what I am up to with my followers/readers.

You too can become a blogger

  • Blogging can be fun and tedious at the same time. It takes hard work and consistency.
  • Blogging gives you the opportunity to have your say about any issue that is of interest to you.
  • I have come to know some blogs that started as a channel for relieving stress or a means to reach others going through the same challenges in any area of life ranging from health issues, parenting, cooking etc. So blogging allows you to meet other people like yourself doing the same thing you do or going through something you might be facing.
  • Blogging is self-discovery. It helps you to discover new things about yourself and you actually learn a lot meeting and reading other bloggers post.

My Lessons

  • Write about what you know and care about
  • Write at your own pace. Determine what works best for you and how many times you wish to post.
  • Be yourself don’t try to be like other bloggers but you can learn a few tips about what works for them.
  • Don’t be a wall expecting others to come to you, reach out and follow other bloggers.
  • Read, comment and like what others post on their blog and you will be expanding your reach
  • Seriously there will days and times you are not able to write or post so don’t beat * yourself.
  • Keep at it and keep doing your best
  • Blogging helps others as well as you

More Images from My Life

Taking it further

I’d love to publish some of my written work but I am yet to get there.

This interview has been fun.

Thanks Jacqueline for your friendship and the opportunity to share my life and story on your page.  I call her Nne…

The One and Only Beautiful Gem Called Tanya Cliff.

A beautiful and fascinating lady writer whom I admire greatly. It is said that one’s words are a mirror into their soul and Tanya’s one amazing writer who’s words reach you on another level.

A Bit About Me

Tanya Cliff, Writer, Interview

My pen is a mighty tool. I’ve been using it all my life to tell stories and explore this world in all its natural wonder and human diversity. I write everything from the diminutive, but powerful, haiku to the full-bodied epic adventure. Of all my writing endeavors in the past few years, I’m most proud of the successful use of some of my work a juvenile detention center in SE Wisconsin to foster creative expression and encourage these children to develop their unique talents.

My passion for human rights manifests in a strong voice of advocacy for the persecuted and poor and an ongoing family effort that supports a range of humanitarian efforts. Watch where you step on my blog. I shatter a lot of glass of past hypocrisies with my pointed quill.

I love working with the camera and use my photography to illustrate the pieces I share on my blog, with a special emphasis on nature shots and work with a macro lens. The credit for all the photos of me goes to my talented 13-year-old daughter, who shares my enthusiasm for a good capture.

I’m a classically trained flutist with a rich and eclectic taste in music, performing everything from Mozart to jazz improvisation.  My favorite playing hours, however, find me behind the piano keys.

I am a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

A Bit About My Blog


The Prodigal 

I started my blog just over a year ago as a platform to support the fantasy novel I had just published and to grow my writing skills. On my blog, I write everything from the diminutive haiku to free verse poetry to short stories. I have even begun sharing stop-motion videos that I produce. My work often serves as a platform for social commentary and critique and a voice of support for those who have nothing. My passion for nature finds frequent expression through words and photos on my blog. I love my interactions with bloggers all over the world and take great inspiration from their friendships and encouragements.

Blogging Challenges

I recently retooled my blog to include new projects that I have and directions I’m exploring. This involved clearing a lot of old writing off my blog and completely redoing my home pages – a major facelift.



My first-in-series epic, fantasy novel, Tales from the Valdaren – The Prodigal Son, was published just over a year ago and maintains a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. The second novel is in development.

I just published, A Haiku for Ricky Baker, a book of poetry including Haiku, Tanka and free verse poems telling the stories of neglected and at-risk children. All proceeds from that book go to fund art and writing programs for children in juvenile detention. I also hope to use this book to introduce Haiku and Tanka to these children as a method of developing strong writing and reading skills.

The second book of poetry and short stories, The Politically Empty Glass, will be released shortly. This book explores the hypocritical application of “liberty” in the United States through a combination of Haiku, Tanka, free verse poems and satirical short stories. It is a work that has come about, in part, due to the encouragements of my blogging friends.

I am also delving into screenplay work, using the development of stop-motions videos as an initial platform. I love the challenge of telling a story through this medium.


Haiku for Ricky Baker


Connecting With Susan

Me and My Blog


Body Renovations was born from my lifestyle transformation I underwent 9 years ago, with a focus on body, mind, and heart. It is hard to believe it has been that long already, as it seems like just yesterday I dropped the weight and have maintained it ever since.  
That’s why I know it was a lifestyle change because I changed my way of life and have no intentions of ever going back to the old habits. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days when I struggle with my diet, but I am so much more aware of what my body tells me if I make poor food choices. I define goals every year and I pick an area that I need to focus on. This year it is Nutrition. I’m trying to learn more and incorporate clean eating. 
I successfully transformed my thinking turning the negative thoughts around, to have a positive outlook on life. I began to love myself and life. Then I became more active, walking, hiking, biking, lifting and even learned how to swim at 52 years old! You are never too old, or it is never too late to do anything. If you don’t try you never know what you are missing out on. 
I have been able to throw my medications away, no more blood pressure or cholesterol meds for me. Exercise and diet have made it possible to live medication free! I am sure changing my attitude and thoughts have also made and impact. It’s so easy to allow your mind to stay focused in the negative and play the victim card. You can turn that around by focusing on the good things in life.  
One of my goals last year was to do more writing, someday I want to publish a book. The book idea has been on my goal list for several years, and I start and stop. Since I was stalling out I thought I might need to try a different approach…start smaller….write a blog. I might not post every day, and yes, life gets crazy and steals time from your time to write….but the main thing is to post when I can, don’t let it become a stressor. I don’t feel like writing comes easy for me, so I am working on developing the writer muscle so I will be able to publish a book someday. If you don’t try you never know what you are missing out on.
Sometimes we need to perform a remodel and Body Renovations covers the whole being. Body Renovations

My Motivation

Reading other blogs inspire and motivate me. If I am out on a walk, hike or bike ride I have ideas popping into my head and I think about how I could use that idea to write a blog post. Sometimes I get so excited about a topic and when I sit down to write I get a couple sentences drafted and then nothing! I will stay engage with writing for a while, but when it is evident that I have nothing else to expand on, then I leave it and come back to it another time and find that I can add to it and I have a blog post.


Challenging Moments

The most challenging thing for me with blogging is finding different ways to express myself in my writing. I’m not a natural writer…this is a stretch for me, it’s an opportunity for me to push myself to the edges. When I write, I want to be creative with my writing to draw people in, to influence and inspire small changes that readers can think about and apply in their lives.  
 The other thing is making time to write, as well as reading other blogs. They are so many inspiring writers out there, I didn’t have any idea until I started my blog. People started to follow me after my very first post, that was hard to process, I mean people that didn’t know me liked what I had to say. It started connections, with other bloggers and I have made friends with complete strangers from across the globe. It was our “thought likeness” that brought us together. It was the common bond of love where our paths crossed and we share our comments of support. It is a community where we lift each other up. It is a beautiful thing, this thing called blogging.

A Word To Others

I definitely would encourage everyone to create a blog. It’s a platform to share your passion, and let readers see the depths of your soul. I have found so much inspiration from other bloggers that I follow, and they touch my heart with their ability to draw a picture with their words like an artist painting a picture.
Writing is a way to expand your thinking, to challenge your mind to meet your heart and let your wisdom flow. It is a great way to get in touch with your inner being.
Have fun, release your inner child to guide you to your creativity!
Check out this blog post: Living on the Edge…
I would like to thank you, dear Jacqueline, for this guest interview. I am both humbled and honored for this opportunity. I appreciate your support of fellow bloggers and the love and inspiration that pours from your heart into your writing. You are a blessing to the blogging community!
Love and hugs,

A Professional Journalist, Writer, Blogger: Getting To Know Sir Romanus Ngobesing

I call him Sir Romanus out of respect and much regards. Since we connected in this space, he’s been a voice of encouragement and support. He uses his blog actively as a platform to inspire and promote others and his openness is just heartwarming. Thank you for all you do Sir Romanus.


A bit about me

Thank you, Jackie for making me a guest on your blog! You are one of the bloggers I admire for the quality of your work and feel honored to be your guest.

My name is Ngobesing Suh Romanus, and I hail from Cameroon, in Central Africa. We are a close neighbor to Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa. My country is best known as a great football nation with stars like Roger Milla, the African Millenium player and 4-time African player of the year, Samuel Eto’o Fils.

I am a journalist by profession, a Senior Citizen retired (but not tired) in 2011 from the state-owned Cameroon Radio Television in Corporation, after thirty years of service. A month after retirement, I picked up my present position of pioneer Manager of the Catholic Radio in my Archdiocese, Radio Evangelium. I have had the duty and honor to set it up from scratch and have it running.

To know more about where I am coming from, I started secondary education in one of the best secondary institutions in my country, Sacred Heart College, before becoming a probationary teacher after passing a recruitment exam in 1967. One year later, I got into a Teacher Training College where I got trained to teach. Then I taught for a while before getting into University where I obtained a B.A in bilingual literary studies (French/English). I did one-year ‘Maitrise’, before proceeding to the International Higher School of Journalism in Yaounde. There, I did professional studies, obtaining a B.A. in Journalism. The study program offered me the opportunity to travel to France, Canada and the United States of America for internships in different institutions.

After school, I started my broadcasting career in 1981. In 1997, I travelled to Holland where I did a course on Human Rights in the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

My work over the years has impacted many people and changed their lives. Wherever I serve or go, I love the people I meet and they love me. In 2007, in recognition of my contribution to the transformation of the society, the International University of Bamenda awarded me an honorary Doctorate degree in Public Relations and Journalism.

My Pleasures and Displeasures

Talking about my likes, I love my work. My work as a journalist (broadcaster) writer and blogger has enabled me to serve more people than I ever imagined. I have impacted many lives positively and it gives me tremendous joy not just because it has made me a household name in my country, but because, I have had the chance to do what gives me real pleasure which is serving people, helping them make the most of their lives, and contributing, in my modest way, to make the world a better place for all.

I dislike injustice. I dislike when I see talent wasted because of the lack of the opportunity or motivation to develop it. I dislike the fact that the resources of the world are not fairly shared; some people swim in luxury while others wallow in misery. I think this should not be so. The rich must make their riches circulate so that no child fails to go to school because their parents can’t afford their fees; so that no child or adult dies because they cannot afford medical care; so that no family goes to bed without a meal because they cannot afford it. I think we should all work in a way that all of us, not just a few of us, will enjoy the world.

Blog Talk

I love my WordPress blog. I love the name Success Inspirers’ World. I started it when I became a Senior citizen. That was precisely in August 2014. Before then I had a blog on blogger which I struggled to run because I knew very little about ICT having never gone to a computer school. I learned computer informally from the students who came on internship and worked with me, as well as from my children, my spouse, and later on the staff in my present job. Surprisingly, today, I am doing far more than many who taught me.

I created a blog to reach out to those I knew needed the kind of help and support I had been offering my radio fans over the years and which was greatly embraced. I see many people who waste their lives, some of whom have enormous talents just because there is no one to help them discover who they are, or to encourage them to bring out the best in them. I enjoy inspiring, motivating and encouraging people. There are people who are failing woefully in their marriages whereas they should be succeeding and shining.

Since I spent all my working life assisting people this way and accumulated so much knowledge in these areas, I thought, and with encouragement from others, that I could reach more people through my blog. I still inspire, motivate and encourage people on radio but that is limited to how far the signals can go. They don’t even cover my country. It is this blog that has enabled me to reach parts of the world I would never have imagined. That has given me a tremendous feeling of fulfillment, and this is just the beginning.

Passion Inspires Me

My passion for what I am doing is my first source of motivation. My passion is unbounded. I go to bed with it and get out of bed with it. My conviction that what I am doing is right, useful, and helpful keeps me going. I am also motivated by what I have learned, shared and taught all my life. For instance, that the best is yet to come. I strongly believe I have not reached the summit which the Lord has earmarked for me. I believe God wants me to leave something for posterity and I have to work hard to do so. I have to explore beneath the mountain, beside the mountain, at the summit of the mountain and even dig into the mountain to discover it. It’s not going to come to me if I sit and wait. I have to go find it.

The Ups & Downs of Blogging

When I was going into blogging, I had very high expectations. I thought it would be easy to become a hero within a very short time. But it was not long before I saw it was an uphill task to win followers and drive traffic to my site. I would see other bloggers with so much traffic and wonder why I could not do like them. Some days were really discouraging. I would publish a post thinking it would go viral. It would not even take off the ground. For almost three years on WordPress,  have not published a post which has drawn the number of clicks or likes I can brandish to others. It’s really hard, but I am happy that I have kept on. I am happy with where I am today, knowing how difficult it is.

In fact, I do encourage others to blog. I am even helping others to blog and to reach more readers. Blogging is a way to share ideas, and participate in building people and the world. I have more than fifty authors who are free to publish on my site if that can help them reach more readers. But of course, it does not help them alone. It also helps me and the world.

A Typical Day with Me

I get up quite early, between 3 and 5 am. I do blogging for some time; then listen to radio. I have a daily radio reflection which I present and it triggers calls from the public. I leave for work by 9 am and go home at 6 pm. My spouse has the responsibility in her office so she is at work a lot of times too. Our children are grown so no worries about caring for children. Back home, I do some blogging before I go to bed. My social activities are limited. I don’t go out to drink as I see a lot of people do. I do not have time to waste. I work a lot. I believe hard work pays. I encourage people to work hard and I show the example.

What Tomorrow Might Bring

I look forward to seeing Success Inspirers’ World grow into a website which is visited by millions of readers around the world. My dream is that it becomes a real platform where other bloggers and readers get help, inspiration, and motivation to succeed on their own blogs or in life. I am thinking seriously about monetizing it so that it brings in some money. With money, we can achieve a lot. I am building an international team that will work with me to create something of a sensation. I believe there are real talented and honest people who can form a team with me and if we succeed everybody will get rewarded fairly. I am a fair person and would not like anybody who makes a contribution to our success not to be rewarded for it. I am happy that I continue to get more authors interested in what we are doing. It is easier to succeed as a team than to succeed alone. Some people fear to join teams and want to stand out and shine alone. Many never shine. Many heads are better than one. I want all of us on Success Inspirers’ World to be part of a great dream; to journey together, shine together and get the glory together. As soon as I can afford the finances, I will upgrade this site and new things will begin. I have so much faith in the future. Age does not bother me. I’ll keep working to make the most of my opportunities and contribute as best I can to make the world an excellent place for all. I have written a lot.

My publications include,”A loving Woman in
Tears” (Novel) “Mr. Money Man, Too Rich to Die'(Play),’ The Teacher’,
‘Girls and Life’, and ‘The Wonders of Wisdom.’ ‘Thought Waves’

I welcome encouragement and support in any form.

Reach me at ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com. My blog is Success Inspirers’ World

Meet Mick Canning – Story Teller, Writer and Photographer Par Excellence

I love to interact a lot with my male counterparts in this space because I glean so much from their intelligent discourse and inspiring posts. Mick has been a supportive friend in here and I appreciate his acceptance to grant us a view into his life.

Thank you,  Mick and I wish you all the best with your endeavours.

Bits About Mick 

About me? Gosh, I’m not that keen on talking about me, although I’m aware that I should be a lot better at it than I am since this is the sortportrait1 of thing I get asked at, well, interviews! A native of the UK, I’ve spent a number of years working abroad, mostly in the Middle East, and generally traveling, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. I’ve always been a bit of an artist, writing and painting on and off for most of my life, but since my first visit to India, I found that both the writing and painting has been largely focused there.

Otherwise, I make a tenuous living as an outdoor activities instructor, especially climbing, although as I get older and my back gives me more problems, I find that I am looking forward more and more to retirement from that.

I like a quiet life, which is probably why I am drawn to writing rather than, say, night clubs and politics, although the things that get me fired up are injustices. I try to avoid controversy on my blog posts, but I’m sure that it does come through at times. I do care passionately about the environment, hate all forms of discrimination and intolerance, and cannot understand why anyone of any gender or race can be considered as inferior to any others.

I try to be a positive person, but when I read the papers or hear the news it seems difficult.

A bit about my blog

I started the blog a little over a year ago, being persuaded that it was the thing to do if I was to promote the novel that I was then working on. I’m not, as I’ve mentioned already, all that keen on talking about myself, and up until recently, I’ve regarded blogs as rather narcissistic self-indulgences. While there are obviously a few like that, I’ve been delighted to discover that there are (naturally) a whole range of blogs out there and that the majority are both interesting and informative.

I had assumed, at first, that all my posts would be about my book or at least my writing, but quite quickly it seemed to morph into a mixture of posts on writing, travel, a little about my other artistic endeavours (such as painting), a few slightly political pieces, and, naturally, a few pieces about myself. This wasn’t particularly intentional, and certainly not planned that way. Naturally, some of them I was more pleased with than others, and some generated much more interest from readers than others – certainly not always the ones that I expected to! A slightly random selection:

The Mad Woman of the Hill Station

Nepal – Everest Region

And finally, a couple of months ago I published a post about why I sometimes stopped following blogs, never anticipating the huge interest it would generate:

Oh heavens, why on earth did I follow that blog?

Having been blogging now for over a year, I am now hooked on it! I think that the best thing about it, for me, is that after I had been blogging for a while, I discovered that I had become part of a community.

On staying motivated

Motivation is quite easy, actually. I usually find I have something I want to say, and a blog post is just the right length for what I want to write. In my case, somewhere around 1000 words seems adequate, which is about the length of blog post that I am also comfortable reading. Anything much longer, and I find I am put off. Perhaps this is because I also follow a lot of blogs, and to see one that is several thousand words long makes me avoid reading it. There just isn’t time!

I do keep a notebook, naturally, as all writers do. And I have maybe a dozen unfinished blog posts at any one moment, so when I feel a little stuck, I can go to one of those.

A little down but more ups

That’s a difficult one! We all have times when we feel that, despite everything, we can’t think what to write. But so far, the blogging journey has been a pretty smooth one.

As for my other writing, I think the worst thing is when I have been working on a story for a long time and I read it back and have the sudden epiphany; ‘this is complete rubbish!’

Would you encourage others to blog?

Absolutely! Next question?

A day spent with Mick

Oh dear, there’s no such thing as a typical day. If I don’t have any outdoor work, and as a freelancer that happens quite a lot, then I declare the day a writing day. This means that I begin by catching up with blogs I follow, perhaps posting a new one myself (I try to post twice a week, but it is a bit flexible!), which might take from an hour or so up until lunchtime. Afterwards, I would try to work on my novel, or perhaps on a short story, for the rest of the afternoon. I usually try to go for a walk at some point, often to try to resolve sticking points in my stories. I find I think best that way.005-1

To distract me, of course, are all those little jobs that we all have to do. Everything from housework (my wife has regular work, so I do a certain amount during the week) to shopping, and then, of course, we all have family to see. I can usually rely upon the cats to distract me regularly, too. They seem to think they should be fed at least once an hour.

The future and beyond

I’ve had the blog for just over a year, now, and am quite happy with the way it is going. Without any real effort by me, the number of followers is regularly rising and I’m not yet experiencing any difficulty thinking of topics to post about. I do have plans to add a few extra pages so that I can put in extra pictures and details on various topics, but I’m in no rush!

As for my other writing, I’m currently working on a new novel, after publishing my first one earlier this year; Making friends with the Crocodile, which is set in Northern India and explores how women are treated by society there. I’m delighted that although I have not sold a huge number of copies – it is available as a print on demand paperback as well as Kindle on Amazon, and now an e-book on Kobo – I have had some lovely and generous reviews for it. Unfortunately, the POD book is not currently available in India, but I am now speaking to an Indian publisher with a view to releasing it there in a few weeks.

My new novel is also set in India, but this time in a fictitious hill station in the Himalaya.

Thank you for hosting me today, Jacqueline.