Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Life rebooting…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

A mundane thought or activity can sometimes spiral into deeper reflections that send my ruminations roaming deeper.socsbadge2016-17

Getting the children set for school resumption and giving them a pep-talk led my thoughts down the path of wondering how difficult it is to turn your life around when you’re floundering.

The vacation made us all laid back and now that schools are about to reopen the holiday stamp has to be taken off rapidly and our minds rebooted to embrace change once again.

We’ve grown used to the lazy lounging and taking things slow over the course of the past two months that I recognise that the following week will be a bit hecticΒ before we adjust once again, which brings me back to the thoughts of changing a life’s course from a misshapen route; which is not an impossibility to achieve.

Yes, it’s tough to reboot a life and it requires a lot of discipline to turn your boat around or to even accept that you’re going on the wrong path, but there comes a time when that voice in the depths of your being is no longer knocking subtly at your subconscious, but its’ banging loud and clear that the time to chart your true path is long overdue.

It’s difficult to change because one has become settled in the known and is not keen on change that upsets your equilibrium however, sometimes you have to heed that inner call, you have to let go in order to gain better control.

Your – #SOCs prompt

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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15 thoughts on “Life rebooting…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

    1. Sometimes I load it directly through my personal settings or just copy from YouTube (though) sometimes it won’t work depending on the copyright of the music, I also know that some blogs have restrictions depending on the hosting package.

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  1. I’ve wondered about the music for a while but am only asking about it now. And oh, how do you post your images as links? Not asking for a code but how do you make it work? I have a little knowledge of HTML but each time I try to write a code for IMG as a link, WP won’t take it. Is it only possible when hosting?

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  2. Reading your headline I felt like hinting at this movie ‘The House Of Time’, (Trailer here: ) a free consciousness-stream music-movie combining great music, thrilling action, emotion and passion in unforeseeable ways, It’s the story of Cyberwarrior Michel becoming champ & stream of consciousness musician. Together with his girls Mystery and Hazel and virtuality friends he is bringing courage and love power-music into the multidimensional, organic world of humanitarian, economical and ecological crisis.
    Have a great day, I’m happy to have found your blog!

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