Easy Mornings…

I am a morning person, though there are some morning’s that have found me crawling out of my bed on the wrong side, all grumpy and Debby downer, but I always try to get a grip on my day before I sink into a miry bog of feeling down, ‘cos it’s so easy to spiral down faster than rising up.

I literally wake up with prayer on my mind and force of habit makes me peek out of the window first thing in the morning to see what the day looks like, then head to the bathroom to do the needful – blasting the bones awake under the shower has a way of perking up the spirit and I do this even when I know that I’m just going to take a brisk walk or lounge.

In easy steps, I enjoy music anytime of the day, but early in the mornings has a way of putting a bounce in my steps.


Morning – The Daily Post Photo Challenge

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12 thoughts on “Easy Mornings…

  1. I love your soul Jackie !!!
    You’re quite an amazing person..
    Mornings are a new chance to do the things we said we’ll do before we went to bed the past night…
    Hope all your mornings are as joyful and beautiful as you are !!

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  3. My morning routine is much like yours! Personal ablutions, then I try to walk 3-4 miles before it gets too hot, then a shower and I have forgotten that I thought I was too tired to even get out of bed! It is amazing how we can talk ourselves into or out of moods, isn’t it? If I go around all day reminding myself that I only got 3 hours sleep and I’m soooooo tired, then I will be tired. But if I forget about it and get on with the business of the day, before long I am good as new!

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