Short Stories

The Harvest…

Jeremiah wiped beads of sweat from his brows intermittently as he carried on with his garden work…raking, sowing, watering, mulching…

Raised on the acres of his parents’ farmland where they had cultivated all manners of crops for sale and for food, gardening was work that he could do with eyes closed.

However, today, as much as he tried to concentrate, he worried. He worried over the poor harvest of the cropping season; he worried over the weather forecast of heavier rains and the flood that ensued which always affected the crops; he worried about how he would fend for his growing family even as his wife’s painful groans and the encouraging voice of the midwife floated into the backyard.

A baby is a blessing he reminded himself, though he hadn’t been too happy when Ruth broke the news that she was expecting. He had expressly told her to be more careful after they had Gideon their sixth child.

An unmistakable wail of a newborns’ voice rang from the house and his lips curved in a wide smile; his family was certainly growing in numbers.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Thank you, Louise  for the photo and Priceless Joy for hosting this charming platform where we unleash our stories:-)

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Out of the silent breath

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22 thoughts on “The Harvest…

  1. Great story telling, Jacqueline! I was taken aback with the part that he told his wife to be more careful and not get pregnant. LOL! I’m glad he was happy when the baby was born! I was really pulled into the story! Wonderful!

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  2. Ooh, seven kids now. O.o wow. I’m glad he’s experienced joy and worry. That gives him more tools to use in the future as they all move forward. The love in his family is clear and felt. I hope they always remember that the ground is firmer after the rain. Great job!


  3. A heartwarming tale, children are blessings from heaven.

    I could help giggling at this- ” He had expressly told her to be more careful after they had Gideon their sixth child.” Women are given this imbalanced obligation when it comes to family planning, as if it doesn’t take two to tango in bed. 😀

    Well written sis!


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