Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Drinking English Tea…A little rant of streams of consciousness Saturday.

Drinking my coffee yesterday morning while listening to CNN on referendum matters of BREXIT, I literally swallowed wrongly and almost choked on it when I learnt that UK voted out.SoCS badge 2015

OUT! I squeaked to my Dear Himself, who was equally not amused that he left his drink and it grew cold. They have broken my romantic European values and hurt my feelings 😞

I felt compelled at that point to put the kettle back on and fix a cup of Earl Grey or some English breakfast tea to drink – what that would accomplish, I couldn’t ascertain, but I was certainly upset even though I am not British.

Well, I guess a lot of British folks are keeping a stiff upper lip and drinking lots of cups of tea at the moment, since the belief that a good cuppa tea can soothe frayed nerves. Let’s hope so.

Have a great weekend folks. Fix yourself something warm or cold to drink and no more exits please.

P.S. Linda always seems to know where my thoughts are and gives just the right prompt like today’s word ‘drink‘ to get me brewing and spewing.


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I absolutely love this book of poems. My favorites are “Love Rations” (for those who love to give the silent treatment) and “Beggars Supper” (which definitely pulls at the heart strings). Two thumbs up!!

Out of the silent breath

45 thoughts on “Drinking English Tea…A little rant of streams of consciousness Saturday.

  1. Things are settling down now, all will be be well in the end … It has caused a lot of trouble though and the older generation are taking a huge amount of flack and taking the blame! …. Sorry should of said first great post!

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  2. It was a shock to many here in the US, and I hope it turns out well for them, but I think it sends the rest of the world a rather negative message. And it sets the stage for our November election, and somehow, even reinforces the isolationist and bigoted words of one Donald Trump. I hope I’m wrong about that, time will tell.

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  3. I spent my day crying and ranting about this whole EU referendum. I’m not only British but French ,Welsh and Russian – I happened to be born in South Africa. I am disgusted at what is going on in English and American politics.

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  4. I was stunned by the result. It seemed like the UK was sleepwalking off a cliff. I hope that I’m wrong about this, but from my point of view, all I can really see is a huge downside and very little upside to cutting ties with the EU.

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