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Please Look!…Every day beautiful people # 66

*Photo deliberately blurred for privacy*


Yesterday, I had to get some bloodwork done at the hospital and despite not feeling my usual stellar self, my sense of observation did not leave me.

I watched the men in the photo walk past me, both scrolling through their phones and paying a little less attention to where they were headed.

Like a poorly written script, they missed the bold caution sign on the floor outlining the step down leading outside and the wheeled in chap took a bad tumble.

I presume he must have twisted something because his friend had to help him up, then got a wheelchair and brought him back inside.

The phone fascination is becoming a worrying trend.

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I absolutely love this book of poems. My favorites are “Love Rations” (for those who love to give the silent treatment) and “Beggars Supper” (which definitely pulls at the heart strings). Two thumbs up!!

Out of the silent breath


17 thoughts on “Please Look!…Every day beautiful people # 66

      1. Dearest friend, I’m not exaggerating, three times in one day I was less than three inches from being run down – in crosswalks – by drivers on their phones. Do NOT get me started on the silliness I’ve seen by people on their phones in public. Good post, Jacqueline.


  1. Poorly written script… isn’t that something.

    Cell phones are taking us over. Remember what were we doing before them? Answering machines must be ancient by now. Some of the current generation wouldn’t even know what that is.

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  2. There is a new medical condition that health professionals are worried will become a major epidemic. It’s a condition people experience with over-use or excessive use of things like mobile phones, ipads etc – chronic neck pain, headaches caused by the head position.

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      1. That’s what the health practitioners are concerned about. People are doing permanent damage to their necks. Losing the natural S bend from chronic bad posture

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  3. Cell phones in general has become a problem and a nuisance for the simple fact that people seem to completely ignore common sense. I had to take my son to the barber shop (his dad normally takes him) and this fully grown man comes in, sits down and proceeds to watch a vulgar movie without bothering to put on head phones or ear plugs.

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