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Dead and gone! Long live chivalry…


To my younger unassuming self
I have no apologies to tender for my past mistakes.

Maybe I could have done things differently if I had been wiser
maybe I would have been able to escape

a couple of raps from Life’s school of hard knocks
but looking back right now,
could I’ve been better, I’m quite doubtful?

For we are only as wise as we know
Could things have gone differently?

Maybe, who knows. It no longer matters. What matters is now.
For life happens and all that happened

did when I was busy making other plans.
Now to you, dear older me, get on with it while you can
and squeeze the last droplet of juice out of those lemons!

Your World and mine would probably be a much better place when people are more empathetic and apologetic for their mistakes.

An apology is a balm offered to soothe agitated nerves and calms ruffled feathers, yet these three simple words of remorse “I am sorry” can be so difficult for some humans to express.

Their belief is that tendering an apology is a sign of weakness, whereas the reverse is the case.

To apologise shows maturity and the ability to take ownership and responsibility.

It doesn’t strip the peace-keeper of his over-sized sense of ego, nor will it cause any drastic changes in his physical anatomy; tongue-in-cheek.

Note that I use ‘his’ in this instance. My apologies to the menfolk, but experience and history has shown that most men are slow to accept their faults, to apologize and diffuse tension. The chauvinistic drive in a good number of them can be incredulous.

They are more bent on arguing blindly just to hear themselves and to flex their muscles. Indeed, many disastrous incidents have happened due to mule-headedness and oversized egos.

That’s not to say that there are no stubborn females out there, but I dare say that the ratio is far less than the opposite sex.

To apologize comes very easily to a lot of women I know. For the benefit of doubt, I’m not a feminist in that sense of the word of let’s burn our bras and chuck out the sizzling red hot high heels; I really like my red heels and to me, being strongly feminine, is being comfortable in the skin and gender that nature gave me, without being objectified as a sex object.

I don’t believe in sweating the small stuff and bearing unnecessary grudges. This weighs down the burden bearer and as far as I’m concerned, I have enough to carry on my shoulders without adding the extra guilt of not saying and meaning these three words “I am sorry,” to that woman whose toes I might have crushed in the crowd or the one whose backside I ran into with a shopping cart, when I turned the shopping aisle into my driveway.

Nope! The young man who wanted to reshape my African backside never said sorry.

He just merrily continued his one-hand drive of his trolley and scrolling down his phone after a mere cursory glance in my direction.

Chivalry has become extinct as we speak. Long live chivalry.

Apology, Discover Challenge.

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Out of the silent breath

Expose my heart

that I may understand your words

through every conscious,

awakened pore of each moment.


*an excerpt from my poem*


20 thoughts on “Dead and gone! Long live chivalry…

  1. I think I was born to be a man! I can be soooooooooo stubborn. It has got me thinking.Yes, it is time to move on. The past is what it is and can never be un done until we have some kind of time machine 😀

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  2. Nne, women can apologize! But I guess the data is skewed because of the trend in our society where women are advised to apologize for “peace to reign” in their homes. You know what I mean. 😉 How you dey?

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    1. Our own sef too much! We apologise for everything even when the man is dead wrong which is wrong. I know what you mean. I am fine my dear sister. I dey see all the abinchi wey you just dey organise anyhow 😄😄


  3. That women might be free to be women does seem to have been overlooked by feminism. Men need women to moderate them, by the very things you say about bullheadedness, and women are often excellent at governing by these very feminine abilities. But we are a long way from chivalry, which does not need to explain to women why some rather masculine things are necessary, for the very protection of women. The noble knight just does these things, with courtesy, but not toward the dragons.

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  4. Some actually have a knack for turning the tables and making you feel that you owe them an apology. I have met several like this, and even fallen for it a few times. I am older and wiser now. Enough said.


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