Accidental…Friday fiction in five sentences.

Her parallel parking had never been good even at it’s best, but Susie loves her cute  car and would never accept that she sucked at driving.

Struggling to squeeze into the little space, the scrunching sound of metal bumping into the other drew her attention to yet another mishap.

She nimbly got out to take a look, the annoyed man in the truck, unfolded his large self and stepped out to blister her ears.

Accepting her profuse apologies, he admired her smallness and attractive looks, while they settled their differences over a cup of coffee.

Five years later, Brad prefers to drive his Susie and their three young babies. She still sucks at parking.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. inspired by the lady whom I saw yesterday, doing a rigmarole as she tried to park 😉

Image credit: Pixabay.com

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Out of the silent breath

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