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Let me introduce you to a Soul Sister…LaTasha Robinson.


Few weeks into blogging, Tasha is among the first beautiful friends I made in this place. In a short blogging time, she became a soul sister.

Always there, supporting, sharing, uplifting to the point that I know if I get the opportunity to be back in the U.S. she’s one lady who I am waiting to meet in flesh.

I admire her down-to-Earth nature, resilience, wisdom and in a business dominated by the opposite sex, I admire her guts and appreciate her friendship.

Thank you, lady T  and here’s a single rose of appreciation for you.


Hi, Friends!

My name is Tasha. I am a wife, mother, homeschooler and entrepreneur. I wear many hats, but those four are at the top of the list.20150605_112523

If you’re a parent as well, I know one of the top concerns that you have for your children is for their safety and well-being.

Nothing else trumps that. No amount of money, material things or possessions.

Being the mama bear that I am, I have made it my life’s purpose to not only prepare my children to protect themselves, but to also educate and equip others to do the same through awareness, dialogue and a host of many different self-defense products.

What is self-defense?

Self-defense is the ability to protect yourself from physical harm. Despite what you may think, the best form of self-defense is mental, not physical. Knowing when to remove yourself from a situation or how to de-escalate one is far better than any kick or punch that you may have learned. Hand-to-hand combat or self-defense devices should always be a last resort option.

Why is self-defense important?

Would you wait until you nearly drown before learning to swim? You could, but by then it might be too late.

The same goes for self-defense, if you wait until you’re in a life-threatening situation to realize how important it is, you may not get another chance at it.
The plus side is that you lose absolutely nothing by being prepared to protect yourself.

Why I love what I do.

I am proud of the fact that my products save lives. I can go to sleep every night knowing that I am contributing to society in a positive way. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in that. Everything that I sell, from Tasers to pepper spray…are all non-lethal. So you too, are able to sleep at night.

Where to buy

My Webstore –

MY BLOG – Hit below the belt…hard

Below is my first Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath

Dance to your heart’s delight my African child, until echoes of your stamping feet, beating heart; bright eyes, smiling lips; and waving hands, resonates over and over like thunder claps, reverberating throughout the Universe.

Just dance.


9 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to a Soul Sister…LaTasha Robinson.

  1. You’re absolutely right – physical contact is the absolute last resort. When I was working (in mental health) we were taught de-escalation strategies as the first line of defence. We were also taught defense tactics – as a last line of defence.

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    1. De-escalating a situation can go a long way towards a positive resolution. I’m glad you were properly trained in that area. It’s something that should be taught in all public schools in my opinion.

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  2. My Taekwondo instructor taught us resorting to physical violence was the LAST thing you wanted. He taught us how to defend ourselves in case the other person had not been enlightened to this fact. Words are better than any punch or kick can ever be!

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  3. Yes, you most definitely need to have a plan B for those who are hell bent on crossing the line over into a physical altercation. That’s self-defense classes and devices are important as well!

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