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Some Doggy Admiration…

I’ll take the admiration lenses off humans and turn it to the dogs. In this instance, it’s literally gone to the dogs.

Dogs are such intelligent, warm, loving and loyal creatures. They make good friends and listeners too.

I could write a long story, but I’ll just leave a few of my dog-watching pictures where two dogs are admiring each other 🙂

1462077648812[1] 1462077708995[1] 1462077746228[1] 1462077779603[1]

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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13 thoughts on “Some Doggy Admiration…

  1. We are all creatures in the same universe sharing the same experience at the same time. I think most tend to forget this important aspect in the overall grand scheme of things. Everything around us is vibrating, including us. We are all frequencies just waiting for the right receptors to make that magical connection. Dogs are very much inclusive in our illusion which we choose to call reality. It’s all so beautiful and all so meaningful. Thank you for sharing Jaqueline Goodnight y’all 🙂

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