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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 72


We are all a whirlpool of dreams and ideas but a lot of us undermine our capabilities and always nip dreams in the bud with comments like ‘oh I couldn’t,’ while looking on as others go about trying to achieve theirs.

I can’t, I couldn’t, I am afraid and so  many of such self limiting statements are defeatist and they are like monsters that simply grow bigger with the smallest confirmation.

Yes you can, but only when you’ve tried to. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, if only you will have the audacity to try and have fun while at it.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha



8 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings # 72

  1. So true … and even more so for those with Bipolar. We are so used to our ideas and imagination running a muck while were hypo-manic/manic, that we don’t know when we can trust them to be realistic. When we can trust them, we have a very small window within which to accomplish our goals before the depression side of the curve hits and our creativity and motivation gets shut down without warning.

    It’s during times like these that those suffering from a chemical imbalance gains the most from family and friends offering a guiding hand and motivation to keep us going and or an objective view as to whether the project we have taken on is realistic or not.

    Sadly, it is not often that we find the kind of understanding and support we need, not even among our closest of confidants.

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